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Default 03-17-2009, 05:19 PM

Name: Rian Emerald
Alignment: Immoral
Former Vault Dweller or Lifetime Wastelander: Lifetime Wastelander.
Bio: Rian grew up in one of the more stricter settlements, where a modicum of self control was practiced, and the leaders of the settlement kept a tight rein on the inhabitants. Whether due to the radiation, or some other reason, Rian soon developed an unhealthy fixation on his mother. His father wasn't around; he'd been killed early on due to tangling with the wrong guy. Rian's mother was happy enough to have an affair with her son; that is, til the settlement leaders got wind of it. In order to prevent herself from being thrown out of the settlement, Rian's mother blamed him for all of it. Rian as a result of this is bitter, and crabby. He's also, due to having been spoiled and cossetted by his mother from an early age, bratty, selfish and extremely immature. His mother was also told to leave the settlement, but due to Rian walking out in a huff before this happened, he's ignorant of the fact.
Appearance: Rian generally dresses in black trousers and t-shirts, and has black hair and green eyes.
Occupation: (if any) None. Rian generally gets by now by stealing off the weaker people he comes accross.
Other: Is a Pyromaniac. Also a Mysterious Stranger seems to appear to save him from anyone who wants to kill him, which is a lot. O.o

Rian moodily kicked a can accross the street as he walked towards the bomb. He kicked the can up against it, hoping it would set it off, but of course nothing happened. Seeing as the bomb had been neutralised a while ago, that wasn't surprising but Rian was in the kind of mood that meant he would prefer complete distruction of everything as opposed to what was happening to himself right now.

He sat down nearby and stared at the ground. Since having to leave the settlement where he'd grown up, Rian had just wandered around aimlessly, not knowing where to go or what to do. He was full of resentment against the settlement leaders for kicking him out, especially since what had happened hadn't been all his fault. He couldn't believe that his mother had sold him down the river just to save herself, either. Cuz of the betrayal, his infatuation was now well and truly spent and Rian was disgusted with himself for the affair. He was sure too that everyone knew about it and was staring at him.

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