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1. No invincible characters, guys. Seriously. Everybody, everything, bleeds. 'cept the robots, and even then they bleed oil.
2. No random killing of NPCs. Specially not Three Dog; he's my homeboy. Heh, kidding, but he's the primary reason everybody knows what's going on in the D.C. Ruins.
3. There are no trees. Except supposedly in Oasis Rock. There's burnt down trees, brush, shrub, etc., but no grass or trees.
4. There is food. Yes. Just radiated.
5. There is a medicine called Radaway, it cures your radiation poisoning.
6. You are not perfect. However, you may have some peculiar side effects of radiation exposure if you grew up outside the Vaults. Example, some people aren't attacked by wild animals for whatever reason and in fact even seem to coexist with them easily, as shown by one of the scavengers near the Super Duper Mart. You know the one, it's the one I mentioned. There are a rare couple of people who can regenerate broken limbs, but only at the cost of being heavily irradiated and they usually need to seek medical help immediately after so they tend to just go for medical help.
7. Everything is irradiated. Specifically water. There is a water purifier in Megaton, and most Mister Handies - the butler version of Mister Gutsy - can purify water as well, but sometimes you just gotta drink the irradiated water out in the Wasteland.
8. Unless you're an RPer I considered experienced, you can't join. They should know who they are already.
9. If you came from a Vault, you may be slightly deluded that you are better than everybody else; in this case, you will be swiftly smacked upside the head by the locals. If you aren't deluded, but are rather naive, stick with Moira Brown in Megaton; she's ditzy, but smart and knows her way around people. Usually.
10. Yes, there are going to be some VERY quirky names. It happens when there's no such thing as embarrassment.
11. There is technology, yes. Computer terminals are abundant and while usually used to store information, many run programs in the old stores and museums dotting the Capital Wasteland. Also, in the Metro tunnels, make sure you have tickets! There are rogue Protectrons who require them, because they will shoot you if you don't have any.
12. The religions are even wackier now. One is explained in the opening post.
13. Megaton has a mayor/sheriff named Lucas Simms. If you've got a problem with somebody, you go to him. In Rivet City - more on that later - there is a council of sorts as well as a security team. If you've got problems with somebody, speak to Harkness; he's usually guarding the bridge.

There is a VERY wide variety of guns and weaponry, including grenades and knives. These are listed at Gamefaqs. I think. I'll edit this post if they're not. You're more likely to find broken weaponry, but you can repair it. There are some rare undamaged books you can use to better your knowledge of various things; my favorite is Lying, Congressional Style for obvious reasons.

Perks (These go under 'other' in the Character Sheet. Are not necessary but are useful. Just one or two per person. Also, there are actually a lot more perks than this in game but these are ones that work with the RP better than say, something that improves your health by 10 points. XD Because that makes no sense here.). Explain the perk a little if you want in how it sorta explains your character. Everybody can have any perk, but I'd prefer it if the only shared ones were Mysterious Stranger or anything involving repair or electronics or something.

Pyromaniac (You love fire. A lot. And know how it works.)
Mysterious Stranger (A man dressed quite akin to a 1950's gangster hitman [trenchcoat, shady hat, .32 cal revolver] has saved your skin more times than you can count, yet he never stays to talk. Hm.)
Animal Friend (Animals, NOT including insects, don't attack you and you may even find some like you.)
Cannibal (Self explanitory, but if you happen upon the Family they can help you control yourself.)
Robotics Expert (Self explanitory, you're a genius with robotics and electronics.)
Adamantium Skeleton (Not the actual metal, but your bones are very strong but unfortunately take a lot of damage because you may overuse it.)
Cyborg (part robot.)
Android? (Are you an android? Tell us! Just don't go screaming it to the world. >_>)
Contract Killer (You kill people for a living. You sick, twisted person you.)
Lawbringer (You kill bad people for a living. Go you.)
Ninja (You are stealthy in the night.)
Barkskin (ONLY IF YOU GO TO OASIS. At any point. This means you are very, very difficult to scratch. Like, really difficult.)
Lady Killer/Black Widow (Dependant upon your gender, but you've got a way with hitting on the opposite gender.)

Character sheet:

Alignment: (Meaning nice or downright immoral, can be neutral)
Former Vault Dweller or Lifetime Wastelander:
Appearance: (Typed is preferred)
Occupation: (if any)
Other: (If you are a Wastelander, what quirks do you have?)


Name: Natho Smith
Age: 19
Alignment: Neutral, leaning toward moral
Former Vault Dweller or Lifetime Wastelander: Lifetime Wastelander
Bio: Natho grew up with a scavenging caravan; his family settled down in Megaton when he was ten. His mother was kidnapped by Slavers when he was seven and he hasn't seen her since. He helps Moriarty at his bar up above the clinic; he's good friends with the Ghoul there, Gob, and if he wasn't about to get his ass kicked out by Colin Moriarty he'd be helping the guy pay his debt back. He doesn't much care about what's going on outside Megaton, but if he can find his mother and save her from the Slavers, he'll do it.
Appearance: Short, floppy black hair with blue tints, blue eyes. Usually wears what's called the "Pre War Springtime Clothes" which is basically an old dirty polo shirt with equally old dirty dress pants. For some reason will never go without his biker goggles; he found them scavving as a kid and never leaves his house without them.
Occupation: Barkeep
Other: "Animal Friend": Animals don't attack him much; this doesn't apply to insects, which annoys him to death really, but there's a runt of a Yao Guai that follows him around outside Megaton.


Natho smacked the 'on/off' button on the radio next to his bed, trying to turn it off; sometimes Three Dog was a little too much to handle first thing in the morning. He stared across the room at the buzzing terminal and groaned; he hated, hated mornings. He could hear Moira Brown yelling down at the Church of Atom near the bomb; she never let go of a chance to tell them how crazy they were. Natho didn't mind them much; okay, their belief system - that humans were all a thousand universes waiting to be created with a white blast of light from a god known as Atom, and the belief that the war of 2077 was a divine act - was a little nuts, but it was no more or less crazy than the other religions he'd heard in his day. Hell, it was actually more sensible; no one really knew what made up anything anymore.

With a yawn, he got dressed and left his ramshackle house, waving bye to the Mister Handy named Wadsworth in the corner; it was trying to clean more rust spots out of the metal. Pointless, but it kept the robot busy.

Natho walked down the rusty metal planks to the small diner near the atomic bomb. "What's on the menu today?" He rubbed his eyes through the biker goggles, yawning, as he sat down at the small bar outside the actual diner.

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!

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