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I. Sex: Intercourse, Outercourse, & Masturba.tion
Sexual Intercourse: Commonly refers to the act in which the male reproductive organ enters the female reproductive tract. The definition has expanded to include penetration of nonsexual organs (oral intercourse, anal intercourse) or by nonsexual organs(fingers).

Types of Sexual Intercourse
Anal Sex. Intercourse involving the penetration of one partner's anus which can be achieved with sex organs, nonsexual organ, or an object. This is not a strictly homosexual act as many heterosexual couples practice this as well. This act is considered very dangerous though due to the ease with which the tissue of the anus can be ripped, the heightened chance of catching STIs, and the presence of bacteria. This should NOT be followed with or oral sex because the bacteria present can cause infection. Precautions should always include careful washing before and after intercourse of the outside(NOT THE INSIDE!) of the anus and the penetrating object and use of lubrication and ALWAYS a condom.

Oral Sex. Stimulation of sexual organs involving the mouth, tongue, teeth, and throat. This can be done on both men and women. This also can include oral stimulation of the anus, which is not recommended without protection due to the presence of infection-causing bacteria. There is still a risk of STIs with this form of intercourse, so always use a condom/dental dam. Sex. Intercourse involving the penetration of one partner's vagin.a, typically by a man. While sometimes done to create children, many people engage in this act due to the pleasure it causes. This act does have a high risk of pregnancy and STIs, so always use protection.

Other Types of Sexual Activity
Outercourse/Dry Sex. Sexual activity not involving, anal, or oral penetration. This can include rubbing with various body parts(by genitals and nonsexual organs) and mutual masturba.tion(the stimulation of your genitals in a partner's presence or of a partner's genitals). This is generally considered to be safer than intercourse, though STIs and pregnancy can still occur from genital-genital interaction.

Cy.ber Sex. This practice is commonly engaged in by teenagers and couples in long distance relationships that is often accompanied with masturba.tion. It can involve messaging, the sending of pictures, or even a webcam. It is considered safe because of the lack of risk of pregnancy and STIs, but should not be taken lightly. Pictures, videos, and messages can always end up on the internet, so always think carefully before engaging in this. Remember, you don't always know who is on the other end and anyone can pretend to be someone else.

Phone Sex/Sexting. A practice that involves sex talk either over the phone or through text messages or even sending pictures. While considered safe because of the lack of risk of pregnancy and STIs, text messages can always be sent to someone else and phone calls often accidentally overlap with others or even end up being made to the wrong person. In cases involving pictures, some teens are being arrested for spreading and possessing child po.rn.

Masturba.tion. Stimulation of one's own sexual organs involving bodily contact or objects, usually to the point of Despite common belief, not only men do this.

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