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V. Members-Horrors of the Past(N-Z)
Pinkyismynickname. A really awful noob; modeled herself on Paris Hilton, took the mickey of anyone who said they bought clothes from charity shops, was a total snob and cow to anyone who she disagreed with and basically got slapped down by almost everyone at one point. Was nicknamed "Stinky Pinky" as a result of her actions.
pinkpanther500 and ktcm4now. Spammers. They not only posted chat threads all over the board, but also kept attacking people who disagreed with them in Dating and General Discussion. They both posted in blindingly bright pink font all the freaking time. X_x Miranda also received a PM on the pinkpanther500 account from the spammers' father who said that he was dealing with his daughters and that they would never return. This PM was probably genuine cuz neither spammer did ever return to the forums.
Princessmeplz. Truely awful spammer, both in the RPG forum and on the rest of the board. Was told the rules a dozen times, and didn't listen. Flamed when told off, and also was one of the offenders who had ten billion comments on her profiles. -.- She used to claim ignorance of the rules, despite the fact that she was told constantly of them and linked to them several times. She also refused to accept that she was a noob.
puertorican13. This user was a complete nutjob. O_o She repeatedly spammed Miranda's and Sarah's inboxes, asking them to friend her despite the fact that both told her no. She then turned nasty, sending obscene, spiteful PMs and threats. Miranda warned her, infracted her, temp banned her; to no avail. The second her ban ended, she was back harrassing Sarah. Then support stepped in and permabanned her. XD
purplefoxx. A member who was fairly innocuous up to a point, then megaspammed the forums. Not in a rude or obscene way, but she basically replied to every single thread in Comments & Suggestions showing she too had ambitions for modship.
qtpie354. Troll. Posted various lying spam threads all over the board. Basically, a total halfwit troll attention seeker in severe need of a personality transplant. Also, was a creepy stalkery type too, also using the screename Aqua_2_2 to pester Wolfie and troll in the thread that it started the fight in
sashavucetay. Remember it was said that Maya caused headaches in the RP forum? Well, this user caused headache upon headache cuz of her complete inability to read and abide by the rules, her disgusting Mary Sue characters, her godmoding and also her attempts to derail and take over every RP she tried to join. She was told over and over again what not to do, but it never seemed to sink in. Eventually, she left after being temp banned for six months and never returned.
Sweetiesomya/ISweetieI. A really awful poster who broke rules left right and centre, argued with the moderators constantly and double posted all the time, despite being told numerous times not to. -.- She also derailed several discussion threads causing them to be locked cuz she was unable to debate a subject without getting personal and rude. One instance was due to some idea of hers that Bin Laden ruled the world outside of America - which was funny considering she was from Australia.
Tanpop & evilfairy321. After an argument in a contest thread, these two decided to troll the boards with multiple accounts. They attacked members and spammed during that time before they were finally gotten rid of several weeks later in late 2008. Evilfairy return under a new account in 2010.
Trolla & her Coven. A group of older women who decided to troll the boards in early 2008 after we were "mean" to one woman's "autistic" daughter. After a few hours of frantic activity, they were finally stopped and all of them were banned for good by support.
Valerie. After bullying one member on another site, she was banned in early 2009 to protect her. Has since returned on a regular basis and has been causing trouble since then, though it didn't start until a few weeks after her ban. As of September 2010, she still has been returning and causing trouble, even after she was given a second chance and then took it to attack the member she was originally banned for attacking.
Zebra1. Troll who used to post about enemas and peeing all the time. She popped up last year, posted a post about peeing which was promptly removed, and hasn't been seen since.

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