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IV. Members-Horrors of the Past(A-M)
angeloftheseas. Total brat, thought her life was horrible and couldn't even keep her stories straight. Also believed she was telepathic (when she really meant telekinetic), though honestly her poor typing skills debunked her in Wolfie's mind. Would not stop harassing people who told her that she wasn't emo. She also said that she wouldn't get help because she'd get put in an instituion (that is how she spelled it. SWEAR.). Her poetry is still up for everyone's viewing pleasure!
Anmana. Another RP sinner; her crime was posting the worst, most vile, most vomit inducing Mary Sues ever. She also posted RPs that broke the rules and that contained yet more Sues, seemed to not understand basic English and pitched a fit when told that she could not join RPs that were over 1000 pages long. One example of this was she attempted to turn the old Resident Evil High School RP into Happy Magic School. Also posted in other RPs trying to derail them for some stupid reason. Haven't seen her in a good while.
BossHog. A postgrep fanboy, supported his move to become a mod and also wanted to become one as well. Assumably he thought his support of postgrep would result in him becoming one in turn, but the former never occurred.
careness2. Miranda is sure that a lot of forumites remember this troll. Careness2 constantly spammed the forum, as well as harrassing various members. She was warned and given an infraction; then deleted the warning and replied to her infraction with rudeness. Result was, she was given a week's temp ban. She returned after her ban... and continued to spam, harrass and backchat. She promised to behave herself, and did so for just one day before she went back to harrassing members, causing some to make their profiles private to stop her. She just posted harrassment spam threads all over the board, and was infernally rude to Kitty when she told her off about it. She was deleted in the pruning of the memberlist; then returned to the board a day later; and was rebanned. -.- She was flipping INSANE.
Christy & Mina. A still confusing incident that involved a tantrum, threats of hacking the site, and trolling. Mina was later unbanned since she was dragged in as a friend and didn't play a huge role in it. Christy was unbanned in 2009. Occurred around the same time as Trolla in early 2008.
"Fishhead". A guest who was posting when Kitty first joined in 2003. This member was a frequent spammer for a very long time, usually nonsense stuff.
Izzy4ever. Initially she was banned for rule breaking temporarily, then she began her mission to create a forum's worth of multiple accounts to evade it. What's funny is she even was offered opportunities to choose one account and wait out the month or two left, but she instead decided to continue making new accounts. A week's ban has turned into a permanent ban in no time because of her insistence on spamming and causing trouble with her multiples, which she still is creating.
Kissmeimdead. This user was an awful Suethor, who tried to join an RP where she certainly wasn't welcome. Worse still, she did so by godmoding and stealing two of Sarah's characters, making them into vile Mary Sues. She was also extremely rude and spiteful to Sarah when she told her to get out of the RP and leave her characters alone. She left after being told by Miranda and others that she had no business being here if all she was going to do was be a nasty, spiteful cow.
Lovegoonie. A spazzy member who apparently can still be found in the Stories section of the site. She kept posting on the articles claiming to be Jessica and she even said she wouldn't stop spamming unless the mods friended her! She was banned from the forums for posting obscene threads all over the place and ignoring moderator warnings. She has since claimed to be a 21 year old man and various celebrities.
maya1234533. The typical noob stereotype. Honestly, this person caused Miranda more headaches at one time than most other people did. -.- She spammed constantly and also posted stupid comments in people's RPGs. When told off, she acted as tho she didn't understand why the RPers were angry. When it was explained to her in stupidese what the rules of the forum were, she then went nuts posting loads of stupid, rulebreaking RPs. -.- She was an absolute horror; it's still unknown whether she was incredibly dim or just breaking rules on purpose.
Miley Cyrus Imposter #3847, never kept track, too many of them. This one was really bad; four or five people came to her "rescue" to try and prove it was her. She typd lyk dys too. She was banned, along several people who were "supporting" her due to being nasty to other users after the mess.

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