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II. Mods & Greeters-Past & Present

Past Mods-First Team(mostly active in 2002-2003)
Dorito, GrandSexayViking, cutesforbabes(?), etc. There were about 4-5 inactive mods when Kitty first joined. Surprisingly enough, two were guys(GrandSexayViking and another one whose name I can't remember). They were all removed in 2004 I believe.
LilAngelEyes. The original mod of entertainment and fashion. She was very religious and she resigned due to school in 2005, which led to Kitty becoming a mod. Did also work during the second team.
Sexyfox16. Mod of "Friends", slowly became inactive over time. Removed in 2006 or 2007 after being inactive for over a year. Also worked on and off during the second team.

Past Mods-Second Team(2004-2006/2007)
Sugapuppy55. A mod of General Discussion, resulted from a lone forum vote for mods in late 2004. Never really active after that, but was well known for starting fights with DJ_Andercore/Postgrep at the time(along with Kitty, Steffie, and Raechel). Removed due to inactivity in 2006-2007.
Darkan_. Mod of GD, he was known for his dating advice. He ended up resigning due to law troubles and has since popped up from time to time, but hasn't been extremely active. He also was a result of the one time mod vote in late 2004 and probably the only one who ended up being a good choice.
Fairybabe. Mod of GD that was appointed as a result of the mod vote in late 2004. Known for being our worst mod ever. She spammed and frequently yelled at people for spamming when they weren't, threw tantrums, posted pictures of herself claiming she was ugly, and closed threads at random. Her nastiness resulted in the member DrkTenai leaving for good. She is why we do not allow young mods any longer. Removed due to inactivity in 2006-2007.
Sweetpea200202. Mod of dating, became a mod after going to support about the spam in that section. It caused a big scandal then because she had only been here for a few months. Became inactive over time and was removed in 2009.
Kimber. An excellent mod of multiple boards. Was a handdrawn doller and was one of the first ones to bring it here. She became inactive due to family trouble, but her posts can still be seen here and there.
Potter15. Mod of dating who ended up becoming inactive due to life issues.
Sarika2004. Mod of fashion who was removed in 2009. Known for suffering from depression and has frequently left due to it. Has done work during the third team, but the majority of her activity was during this period.

Past Mods-Third Team(2005-today)
Aussiemum777. Became a mod in late 2009 both here and on Dollsters due to a need for more mods who could handle the user questions. Removed in 2010 due to inactivity since she is busy with many other things.
Bunnypixie. Became a mod out of nowhere when we needed a new one despite never having been active on the forums. Never really active even after becoming mod, besides one incident involving a nude modelling argument. Removed due to rule breaking which is inconsistent with the image a mod is supposed to portray.
dudettel. Joined in 2003 and is the second oldest member on the forums. Also unsure how she became mod. Has been busy currently due to family changes and was removed in 2009 as a result of the continued absence. Known for being one of the original people to begin handdrawn dolling on here. Also worked during the second team.
TheHayleyDoll. Joined in 2007 after having been on the main site many times for all the dollmakers. Became an instant poster, and instantly addicted to the site. Became a mod in 2009. Known for her dolling skills and roleplaying. Resigned in 2010 and left the site, possibly for good.

Present Mods(2004-today)
Elanorea. Became a mod in mid 2004 after campaigning on the old, inactive boards(as did postgrep). She had acted like a mod for a while and even created a netiquette thread(one of the few of the time). Watches over the dolling boards and was one of the first people to bring handdrawn dolling here. Also was the one who convinced Miranda to stop posting as a guest and join the site. Worked during the second team as well.
Silver_Wolf_Kitty. Joined in 2003 and is the third oldest member on the forums. Was doing unofficial mod work beginning in the spring/summer of 2005 on DarkaN's account. He asked that she do it during his inactivity. She officially became a mod in 2005 of Entertainment, later over other boards when the changes occurred. Became a supermod in 2009. Fun fact, Kitty has previously been mistaken for the owner of the site on a consistent basis. Kitty also was one of the early dollers on here, beginning around the time she became a mod.
Miranda_. Joined in 2004 and became a mod in 2006 of Dating and GD(Games was later) after support asked around for mod recommendations. Funny fact, Miranda first began posting as a guest and had to be convinced to join by Elanorea. Became a supermod in 2007-2008, then a coadmin in 2009.
Sarah_K_O_M. Became a mod during an inactive period of Kitty's for her boards and GD. Once told a spammer "If I could work this site out when I was eleven, what does that say about you?", much to everyone's amusement.
Silent_Wolf. Joined in 2005 after lurking around the site in Dollz&Stories nd eventually finding the forums. Was a lurker here for several years, clashing with postgrep and several trolls. Began to avidly handdraw and roleplay soon after joinning. Known for her crazy roleplay characters. She became a mod in 2009 and is yet to be assigned. Known as the 'Ice Sorceress' of the forums TDP family.
LancasterPrincess. First became a greeter and then a moderator in 2009. She quickly has become a vital player, helping to organize site events and working with members who are new on the forums. She also is head of the Contestants Club. Resigned in 2010, due to becoming a mother.
Spirit_Queen. Former Greeter, finally agreed to become a mod in 2011.
Cheshire1996. Former Greeter, was appointed as mod in 2011.

Greeters(First Team! 2009-onwards)
Singergirl509. Part of our first group of greeters. Was appointed in 2009 and removed in 2010.
LancasterPrincess. Was appointed in 2009 after the rest of the greeters, then became a mod.

Present Greeters(First Team! 2009-onwards)
delly1. Part of our first group of greeters. Was appointed in 2009.
Spirit_Queen. Part of our first group of greeters. Was appointed in 2009.
prin367cess. Appointed in 2010.

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