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Originally Posted by Miranda_ View Post
I also would think very hard before championing PETA, if I were you; they not only are nuts as far as some of their issues go; for example, creating an entire site to mock the Olsen twins about wearing fur, calling them the Trollsons (if someone on here made a thread to mock another user on here, that would be harrassment) and making weird and unworkable suggestions, such as that B&J use brea'st milk rather than cow's milk, but they're also pretty hypocritical. For example, they support the terrorist animal rights organisation the Animal Liberation Front who bomb laboritories, release dangerous mink and laboritory animals into the wild and even dug up an old lady's grave to make a point. They also don't like pets and kill cats and dogs and store them in freezers. Some of their issues may be admirable, but I'd rather not support such deranged thinkers, personally.

As far as milking cows go, domestic cows are bred to produce far more milk than any calf could drink. That is what they are bred for; milk and meat. You can choose not to drink the milk or eat the meat, but that is your choice. Respect the choice of others to drink milk and eat meat. I do both, but I would never dream of trying to make a veggie do what I do. Even if I don't agree with their stance, I can at least respect it.

THANK YOU! I am glad I am not the only one that thinks PETA is nuts.

They want more people to eat no meat at all. So how are we going to provide enoguh fruits and vegetables for everyone in the worl that will give each and every person enough protein? no what we can't . It is physically impossible. Every person would need to have twice the maoutn of fruits and veggies and carbohydrates to even match up to the amount neaded to create protien. Protein is needed for many different things in the body and it is very imporatant.

I love meat and I will never change my mind to become a vegetarian because there is truly no point. Their ads are repulsive and are sad, because they have to use nudity to support their belifes due to the fact no one would look at them otherwise...Plus they are a very immature group of individuals.. Yes the Olsen twins decided to wear fur. ITS THEIR CHOICE!!! Making rude games like this peta2 // Meet the Trollsen Twins // Dress Up the Trollsens
is extremely dirty. Same goes for al lthe buisnesses they are trying to hurt by saying some things that are untruthful.

If anyone wants to be vegetarian or anything that is fine. If I want to eat meat that is fine too. If I want a fur coat . Guess what that is fine too. I am sorry if I offend anyone with my beliefs, but mankind has been eating meat for a long time and I for one am not stopping, because of group of individuals that are hypocrtical towards their own beliefs. I don't believe anyone has to join an awful organization such as PETA to become a vegetarian when in fact you can do it on your own.

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