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Default Fashion Trends You Can't Stand - 02-13-2009, 02:54 PM

I thought that the old thread was getting very long and spammy, so rather than clean it up, I'd repost it. Here are the fashion trends that disgust me:

1. Little girls dressed like hookers. I can't stand it when I see a small girl dressed in a mini skirt up to her knickers, with high heels and a cropped top. It's bad enough when teenage girls dress sl*tty, but for children to be doing so is just seriously disturbing. Especially seeing as little girls have no income so their parents must be buying their hooker clothes. -.-

2. Saggy trousers. This is mainly a boy thing; as in, trousers worn so the crotch is hanging around their knees and their underwear is on display. Do Not Want. Am I the only person who gets the urge to go up to these boys and yank their trousers up to their armpits?

3. Clothes worn sizes too small. Some girls seem to be labouring under the delusion that just cuz they can shoe horn themselves into a size twelve, that they are a size twelve. Even when they have flab rolls bulging out all over the place, back fat, love handles and cankles; not to mention a giant muffin top. X_x If you're a size sixteen, then wear a sixteen; squeezing into a smaller size will do nothing for you at all.

4. Low slung jeans. Now, I understand that some people can wear these properly; however, they seem to be in the minority. Far too many girls seem to think that low slung jeans are to be worn round the middle of the hips, displaying a disturbing slice of builder's cleavage at all times, as well as front bits. This goes especially for bigger girls, and those who wear thongs. We do not want to be forced to view your buttcrack and thong; cover it up!

5. Soup can crowd. So called by me, cuz they walk around labled like soup cans. One or two labels is OK, tho not my style; head to foot A&F, Adidas or whatever just makes you look like a giant billboard. At least mix it up a little.

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