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Name: Jeff Brooks
Age: 16
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes. Fairly tall and average build.
Bio: Jeff's mother lived in a nearby town with her son. She and Jeff's father had separated before he was born; his name was Marcus Shepherd and he'd told Leanne, Jeff's mother, that she had a choice, namely she could have an abortion and he'd stay, or keep the child and he'd go. Leanne chose her unborn child over her lover, and he left. She didn't regret anything, but grew very close to her son over the years.

When Jeff was six, she met another man, this one named Acario. It was a whirlwind relationship and they married very quickly. However, Acario had married Leanne for just one thing; to get at her son and began sexually abusing Jeff soon after. Leanne suspected nothing til, four years later, she arrived back from work early and caught Acario in the act of abuse. The subsequent court case, despite the fact that Acario was sentenced to ten years in prison, broke Leanne completely and she had a nervous breakdown. Now, Jeff resides with a foster family, the fifth one he's been placed with, and Leanne is currently in a mental hospital, unable to care for either her son or herself. The foster family he lives with lives in Shephard's Glen, near the school.
Personality: Can be arrogant and very nasty on occasion. Jeff also hides his feelings, and won't talk to people readily. He is also very pri'ckly and takes offence very easily, resulting in a lot of people not liking him.
Nightmare Monster if your character has one and the story behind it:Jeff's nightmare monster is Acario, as Jeff remembers him from when he was a child and suffering abuse. As in, Acario is a giant, and with a twisted malevolent face. It stands not only for the still remembered abuse at Acario's hands, but also for Jeff's secret fear of Acario once he finally gets out of prison.

Name: Justin "Infri" Blake
Age: 15
Appearance: Black hair, hazel eyes. Slightly below average height, skinny.
Bio: Justin, or Infri as he's mostly known as, vanished into Silent Hill around ten years ago. Back then, Silent Hill was certainly known of amongst the teenagers, but was mostly considered an urban legend. One day, Infri and his friends had been playing Truth or Dare, and Infri was dared to go into Silent Hill. To prove he wasn't a coward, he went... and never returned. The teenagers went back to the town in fear, and the police searched all over the place, but never found him. Now, the teenagers who were around at that time are now in their twenties, but Infri remains the same age he was when he was trapped in Silent Hill. He has no idea how long it's been since he went there, but recently he was able to escape. Silent Hill and Shephards Glen share Toluca Lake; somehow, Infri was able to cross the lake and enter Shephards Glen.
Personality: Stubborn, rude, very immature, but can be nice to those he considers his friends.
Nightmare Monster if your character has one and the story behind it: Infri had a troubled childhood. His mother left his father before he was born, and he's never met her. His father physically abused his son and neglected him, mainly cuz he just didn't care about him. Infri spent a lot of time in hospitals cuz of what his father did; broken ribs, broken arm, cuts from broken glass were very common. Infri was frightened of hospitals, partly cuz of having to go so often, but also cuz his father had instilled in him from an early age a fear of hospitals, saying that if he told the doctors and nurses anything about how he'd gotten injured, they'd take him away and put him in prison. Infri's nightmare monster is a shadow creature with a head that's roughly the shape of a horse's head, but without ears or eyes. It's wrapped in bloodstained scrubs, and has syringes for claws. It represents his fear of hospitals as well as his buried fear of his father.


Jeff was hanging outside the school, smoking listlessly as he sat down on the ground. He only went to school cuz it was still better than being at the house; he didn't consider his foster parents' house to be a home. Over the years of being shunted around foster homes, Jeff had lost a lot of school and had ended up being kept down a year. He barely even noticed Tanith's arrival at the school and continued to stare down at the ground.


A soaking wet figure crept away from the lake and towards the large building he could see. Infri shivered in the mist, but kept on walking. He didn't know this place at all, nothing seemed familiar and he could recognise no-one. He was frightened, not just cuz of the place he'd left and cuz he was was sure that he'd never really be free of Silent Hill, but of the unknown place he was entering with no help in sight.

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