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Cool mean girls...yuck! - 01-21-2009, 07:41 PM

pretty much...I had the worst experiences in dealing with "mean girls" during my middle school years. Mind you that was almost 18 years ago....but anyways... we had our fair share of horrible young ladies. There was this major group of girls who basically were fronted by this lead chick. She had high school friends and used to threaten others that they would beat people up after school if they ****ed her off. She used her persuasive attitude to get what she wanted from people and acted like friends when she had alterior motives. ....the worst kind of girl.

She had this really horrible short friend (i'm not kidding ...she was tiny) who would walk around campus with this incrediably tall chick who acted as her bodyguard. She used this bodyguard to get away with tons of horrible acts to the "lesser" beings.

Seriously. I witnessed her nasty behavior and just stood by and let things happen. Luckily...I did something really nice to the lead girl and all her crew accepted me as her friend. I was left alone and treated with some respect from her. I would be lying to say that I didn't work my kindness toward her so that i'd be on the "in" with them all. Not to be friends but just to be noticed and accepted not to get teased or treated badly.

I knew it was true when her friends were trying to tease me during gym and she ran up to me and told them off for messing with her "home girl erin" ....yeah... it was really a survival act. those years are hard on us all and its all about realizing how stupid it all is. Its a big fake show that's all about fear based reactions....power stems from fear and its used to control others. These mean girls are actually queen bees in a hive they have created. Its really pathetic that they can't just be good people in order to achieve their goals.

anywho....I say "play the game" or survive however you can so that you can graduate and leave that place.... high school was super easy though. I had a crew i hung with and it was awesome because at our people were the ruling majority rather then the jocks. The jocks were hella lame.

haha...they'll never escape!
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