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Name: Samantha *Sam* Ravenheart
Top Student?: Yes. Number 3 on the girls academy
Flaws and Strengths: Samís personality is a bit complicated. She tries to act tough but came become a great chicken if something pops out totally and completely by surprise. She is very opinionated and when she is challenged, she sometimes comes off smart but can also come off dumb and completely stupid. Another one of her strengths is that she is always willing to jump into something if it means helping out a friend. However, most of the time she waits until after she does something stupid to find out the entire situation.
Why are they at the academy?: Sam was always getting into arguments and tiffs with grandparents and at the age of 15 she started to show an interest in ghosts. Her grandparents did not like her new hobby and tried to keep her from reading books and watching shows and stuff on it. They didnít succeed and finally gave up. Once Sam turned 18, she quickly left and joined the academy. Since she had a unique and detailed memory of all the gadgets she was immediately put up into the top. She had also done some smaller investigations with her friends and knew a lot more about ghost hunting than she lead on.

Name: Stephanie *Mouse* James
Age: 16
Top Student?: No
Appearance: Click
Flaws: Mouse is extremely shy and withdrawn. Ever since her grandmother died, she hasnít been the same. She is also extremely terrified of teachers and students who shout or belittle her. She can rarely stand up for herself.
Strengths: Mouse is a great drawer and has a great memory. Her intelligence makes up for her flaws. She can sometimes act ignorant but immediately regrets it as the kids jump on her.
Why are they at the academy?: Mouseís parentsí thought that she would maybe come out of her shell if she went to a private academy. Since Mouse had shown some interest in ghost hunting they decided to put her here. Mouse had some knowledge of what ghost hunters use and how they do it, she was able to make her way around the text book and whatnot.


Sam was studying for a test she had in a few hours. Never once in her life did she think she would actually study but this was something important. She glanced up at all the girls cooing and giggling over who would be in the top 6. She wondered if she would be in it but assured herself that it didnít matter and went on back to studying.

As the crowd gathered around the mistress and toppled each other over and the disappointment of not making it gathered on their faces, Sam couldnít help but watch a little bit. She would glance up at the crowd and then back down at her book, and then repeat this motion. She finally got up, her interest in who had gotten in killing her.


Mouse was sitting in a corner, alone as usual. She had her nose buried in a book. She knew that she hadnít made the list and didnít even want to check. She didnít want to even tell her parentsí that she hadnít made it. They would be so disappointed. They would never fully come out and say it but just by their faces and by their expressions and by their voice. Mouse sighed and tried to concentrate on her book.

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