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Default Trouble in the Universe [RP] - 01-03-2009, 03:05 PM

In the year 2742, in the Earth's parallel dimension, Yarth, all was going smoothly. Unlike our race of humans, Yarthians had recently accomplished world peace, and were still celebrating this joyous occasion. Suddenly, out of nowhere, aliens appearing to have features greatly resembling that of humans, came out of spaceships, claiming they had come in peace, and with terribly horrid news. Trouble had been brewing in the universe, and that trouble had made Yarth its target to destory.

Pandemonium broke out from all parts of Yarth, people of every age, shape, and size were scared for their lives. Some Yarthians did not belive these aliens, and thought they were bringing mass choas with them, ordering them to leave. However, these aliens did not leave, in fact, they refused to leave. Soon realizing that they were right, most of the Yarthians built homes underground, and in caves, not returning to the surface. The Yarthians that did not at first belive the aliens, have now sided with them, and are preparing to fight this trouble.

These aliens call themselves "Time Royals," and while they grow older, they never age. However, these "Royals" do drastically change apperance every 7 or so years. As the issues at hand come clear, Yarthians realize that the Time Royals were not lying. As time slowly dwindles down to the fateful day this trouble hits Yarth, what will you do? Will you, like most Yarthians, cower under-ground and in cave, or will you help the Time Royals defeat this trouble. Will Yarth ever be restored to its former self, complete with happiness and peace, or will it crumble in defeat at the feet of disaster?

1. Post In 3rd person, it makes it alot easier.
2. Romance is encouraged.
3. No Mary Sues.
4. There should be more Yarthians than Time Royals, you can't fit 5 billion Time Royals into one ship.
5. I do have a way of things might go, so don't go and say: "and then the Yarthians attacked the Time Royals, and the world ended." No. That was stupid anyways.
6. Have Fun :]

Character Form:
Age (17 - 21 please):
Strengths (up to 3):
Race (Time Royal, Yarthian):

My Character:
Name: Rose Conelly
Gender: Female
Age (17 - 21 please): 19
Strengths (up to 3): Athletic, humorous, creative
Weaknesses(3+): Impaitent, wants things her way, slow, stubborn, naive. Race (Time Royal, Yarthian): Yarthian


Rose walked out onto the empty street, walking around the giantic potholes and the fallen stret lamps. How did everything get like this? 3 months ago this place was brand new, tons of happy people every where, fun. This is all those stupid Time Royals fault. If it weren't for them, I'd still have a job. Not that it really matters anyway, you can just do whatever now. She paused, looking at the spaceship flying over head. Stupid Time Royals. She looked back into the sky, but the spaceship was gone. Trying to find the spaceship again, Rose tripped over one of the street lamps. "Stupid wreckless Time Royals." Rose said getting back up, and brushing the dirt off of herself, heading over to where City Hall used to be, it was now where the Yarthains who chose to help the Time Royals defeat the said "Trouble." I wonder why they haven't told us what the "giantic Trouble" is anyways, she thought to herself.

baby, you got me. ♥

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