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Default Fight For Freedom {Private Roleplay} - 12-13-2008, 07:07 PM

Fight For Freedom {RP}

This roleplay is only for these members: SingerGirl509, AaronShadows, AmazingLove, and Catlover642

Long ago, in the 1500-1600’s, there was two princess. Mary and Elizabeth. Mary was very spiritual and religious. Elizabeth wasn’t that much. Mary always urged Elizabeth to pray, but she was mean to Elizabeth too. Elizabeth hated Mary, and Mary hated Elizabeth. Mary made rude remarks about her mother Anne Boelyn, and cheated at cards. Elizabeth didn’t know what Mary had against her. Her mother? Was she envying her jewels? Perhaps she eyed one of Elizabeths male servants? Elizabeth soon found out.

Mary is queen. She has ordered all Protestants to be killed. Elizabeth is a Protestant, Mary Catholic. Elizabeth pretended to be Catholic to save her life. But secretly, she is planning away to let all Protestants live. Now Mary has found out, and is trying to lower the amount of Protestants even more now. How will she do it? Will Elizabeth be killed? Will Mary turn Protestant and Elizabeth Catholic? Will the battle end with a victory or will both teams lose? How will the Protestants and Catholics respond to it? Will they join in the battle, or will the be digusted? Its up to you, my f riend.

Then there are their ladies-in-wating. Will they help her, like a true servant would? Or will they betray them? Or will they not care at all? It’s all up to you. Horseback and carriage is the only way for transpoiration, foot of course is allowed to. Bathrooms are called a privy. Please no electronics, for they were not invented back then. No Mary Sues. Please no chatspeak and godmodding. Follow all stickies. If there happens to be an scene of the PG-13 limit then please post “X-Scene” for the younger members that might be viewing to roleplay.

Describe your charrie in a primary post.

Elizabeth: Singergirl509
Elizabeths Servant: Catlover642
Mary’s servant:


A girl with brown hair waited impatiently in apartment for her employer to come. She stomped her foot in impatience. She Anne Franklin, did not have to wait for people! But, she was lady-in-waiting. The girl she was waiting for was Princess Elizabeth. Elizabeth Tudor. She decided to “look around" Elizabeth’s bed chamber. She entered the room and quickly eyed some jewels sitting on a drawer. She stopped for a moment to see if anyone was coming and then quickly took the jewels. She exited the room, it didn’t have any importance anymore. She heard a door opening and quickly put the jewels in a nearby drawer.

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