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Default 12-04-2008, 05:12 PM

I don't think it's romantic. I actually think their 'love' is quite revolting. She's almost obsessed with him, and he's an abusive boyfriend. Meyer disguises their faults by saying "it's because they love each other."

Bella is a Sue, and Edward isn't any better. I do have problems with making the vampires so different. That's like taking a unicorn, giving it five heads, a lion's tail, and making it a carnivore and basically completely changing it but letting it keep it's horn and STILL calling it a unicorn. Everyone sees unicorns as these majestic white one headed horse like creatures. Some myths also say they fly, but that's only one thing and it doesn't disturb the creature in general. However, vampires are supposed to be tough, unsympathetic, creatures of the night that drink humans' blood and burn in the sunlight. Edward is not a vampire, but a Meyerpire. Oh, and how can Edward make a child? He's the undead and I think fluidless as well. Anyone that knows their sex education would see the many flaws in Meyer's logic there. Meyer has a lot of gaps in her logic. And in her lack-of-a-plotline.

I really do love that article I posted... xD I might actually make it my homepage or something.

Sadly, I have friends that love Twilight. One of them understands everything I say and COMPLETELY AGREES, but yet she still likes it. I understand liking a book because you found it entertaining, but obsession is a whole other level. Most obsessed people deny it, too. Like my old BFF. She came to my house for the weekend and insisted we watch a Twilight special. We were at MY HOUSE and she knows I don't like Twilight. Actually, she considered not coming because Robert Pattinson was going to Toronto, her new hometown, and she didn't want to miss it. Then she couldn't by me a gift for Christmas because she needed the money to buy Twilight tickets for her and her other Twilight-obsessed new friends. *rollseyes*

I thought it was written like a bad fan-fiction also.

Before I start a war, I will once again mention that if you do NOT know how I feel about Twilight, you must be stupid because I mention it all the time. Even in my siggy. If you don't know my opinion, click the link I posted on the first page. That whole link is my rant.
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