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Clique Wars {RP}

At Sampson High School there is a numerous amount of cliques. Each clique thinks itís the best clique of the whole entire school. Well, one day in the cafeteria somebody from the Jock Clique got into fight with somebody in the Goth clique. Ever since then the cliques have hated each other. The fight was over what clique was better.

Then, the leader of the cliques, John, decided that there needs to be a war. Remember, he is in high school. Not with guns though, with advertising. Such as posters, bake sales, and such. Whichever clique has the most members, will be the best clique. Students have gone crazy with the advertising, even writing advertisements with Sharpie in the stalls.

Your charrie will be in a certain clique. Will they advertise like crazy, or not even help there clique at all? Will they fight with other cliques, or do they prefer settling it in a peaceful manner. Itís all up to you.







Please PM me before joining, so I can see if your experienced enough. I donít want to have to correct you 6 million times.

No chatspeak please, a some shortened words are find like tho, and cuz. But no chatspeak like this ďHiii James, how r u??Ē

Please abide all rules that Miranda_, laid out in the stickies. Thanks!

Strengths: (only 3)
Weaknesses: (3 or more)

My charrie:
Name: Madison Johnson
Age: 17
Clique: Cheerleader
Strengths: Pretty, but she has no other strengths
Weaknesses: Rude, incredibly vain, very imaptient, very unintelligent, bossy
Apperance: Short blonde hair, and blue eyed

By the lockers a girl was standing viewing the people that passed by. "Ew, black is not a good color." she said in her mind. "Oh, he's cute." she thought as well. She saw some goths hanging up a poster that said:

"Go Goths!
We rock!"
She sighed and took out a Sharpie, which she all ways took out in case she had to deals with these losers. She wrote a big huge NOT! under the writing. She rolled her eyes, then turned back to the lockers. Goths are such idiots. Think they're better then us cheerleaders. Cheerleaders rock!
She took out a pack of gum and started chewing it.

Ring! Ring! The bell rang. Madison sighed and opened her locker and went to Science class. Stupid science! I hate it! She entered the classroom and sat down and looked at anyone that could be a threat to her clique, and make them lose the war. Nobody looked like a threat but she kept alarmed just in case.


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