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Name: Kiki Jackson
Age: 5
Appearence: Kiki has dark blonde hair down to her waist, and insists on always wearing pigtails. She has grey eyes and short lashes, and has a dimple on only one cheek when she smiles.
Personality: Kiki is a tattletale, but only because she hates it when people do wrong things; she wishes everybody could play nice.
Bio: Kiki grew up in a middle class family, and is cherished by her mother, but her father is rarely home.
Daemon: Gigi (pronounced “jee-jee”)

Name: Nicole (Nikki) Jackson
Age: 24
Appearence: Nikki is a short brunette with blue eyes, and an upturned nose. She is slightly pear shaped, and has small feet.
Personality: Nikki is a bit of a doormat, and has almost no will of her own. Her daughter is the only thing that matters in her world, and she would do anything for Kiki.
Bio: Nikki grew up with strict parents, and then married an abusive, adulterous husband. She hates the fact that she can’t find it in her to even yell at her husband for cheating, let alone fight back when he hits.
Daemon: Chris, a little grey field mouse


In the dark, the padding of little feet could be heard, and soon a young girl appeared in the alleyway where Rian sat, her breath coming in short gasps. On her shoulder sat a dwarf hamster, who was obviously her daemon. The young girl leaned against the brick wall, then slid to the ground. “Gigi, I can’t take it anymore.” Kiki said, close to sobbing.

“It’ll soon be over, I promise.” Gigi said as he took on the shape of a black cat with golden eyes.

Kiki didn’t believe that, and she knew Gigi didn’t, either. Desperate for a distraction, Kiki looked over at the only other individuals in the alleyway. “What kinda pie is that?” She asked, sniffing the air; she hadn’t had dinner, as dinner was never served when the fighting began. She crawled over to the older boy, hoping he would offer some.

Nikki was glad when it was over, was glad when he left to go spend his money on booze, even if it meant he’d cheat. She had new bruises to try to cover up, a swollen lip, and what she was sure was a sprained ankle.

She’d dared to try and confront Will about his constant cheating, and about how he spent his money on nothing but alcohol and prostitutes. She was quite proud of herself… until Will started smacking her until she begged for mercy. Now she had to go and find her daughter: Kiki always went into hiding when Will decided to beat her, and that was understandable. Chris, her daemon said “That was the worst it’s been in several months.”

“I know.” Nikki groaned.

“I told you that you weren’t ready to call him out yet, that you’d lose.” Chris said. He was a bit of a pessimist, but, in this case, Nikki agreed.

“I’m just sick of being so weak, of being such a pushover.” Nikki said.

“I know, love, I know.” Chris said, snuggling against her neck in an attempt to comfort her (and himself).

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