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This roleplay takes place in the world of Azeroth, which is also the setting of the Warcraft games. Anybody is welcome to join, even if you aren't familiar with the games, as we will try to provide all the info you need to create a character.

The plot of the roleplay will be about the search for a powerful magical item, the Scythe of Elune. The Scythe previously belonged to Night Elven sentinel Velinde Starsong, who used it to summon semi-intelligent wolflike beasts called the Worgen, in order to fight back demons encroaching on the elven lands. Eventually, though, Velinde realised that the Scythe was summoning more Worgen than she had intended, and that the creatures were getting out of control.

She traveled to human lands in order to search for somebody who knew more about the Worgen and what could be done to contain them, but while traveling through the forests of Duskwood, she disappeared mysteriously, and along with her the Scythe was lost. It was found again by a human, but he had to flee when the Worgen summoned by the Scythe attacked him, and it hasn't been seen since.

Recently, a human mage interested in learning more about the nature of the Scythe has started looking for a group of adventurers willing to venture into Duskwood in search of it. Though the danger will be considerable, and the odds of finding the item low, he has promised a lucrative reward to those taking on the risk.

Character form
Race: (see below)
Class: (see below)
History: (no need to go into detail if you're not familiar with the setting)

The five races are Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf and Draenei.

The classes are Rogue (all races except Draenei), Warrior (all races), Warlock (Humans and Gnomes), Mage (Humans, Gnomes and Draenei), Druid (Night elves), Hunter (Dwarves, Night elves, Draenei), Paladin (Humans, Dwarves, Draenei), Shaman (Draenei), Priest (all races except Gnomes)

If you are already familiar with Warcraft lore and want to play a character that doesn't fit into this (such as a different race, or a class not normally available for a race), you can do it as long as you come up with a suitable explanation. These guidelines are just to make things simpler for people who don't know much about the world.

You can click here to see short descriptions of the races and classes. If you need any more info on something, you can look it up on WoWWiki or ask me or AaronShadows.

Anybody is welcome to join, just make sure you follow the RP forum rules!

Character form
Name: Erinne
Gender: Female
Race: Night Elf
Appearance: Erinne is about 180 cm tall and has a wiry, though muscular build. She has pale skin, with blue and yellow undertones, giving her a slightly sickly appearance. Her narrow, oval-shaped face is framed by dark blue shoulder-length hair. She has facial markings consisting of two symmetrical red lines on either side of the face, running from the forehead to the cheeks.
Class: Rogue
Equipment: Erinne wears old and well-worn, but serviceable leather armour. She usually fights using two swords, but also carries around a pair of daggers and a gun.
Personality: Erinne has an inquisitive personality, always wanting to try out new things and explore strange places. Although she is sociable and talkative, she doesn't form strong friendships easily. She isn't quick to judge, but once she forms an opinion of something, it is as good as set in stone. Like most night elves, Erinne has a strong distrust of magic and an intense dislike of blood elves.
History: Erinne grew up in the night elven lands in Kalimdor. In her youth, she spent most of her time exploring the forests of Ashenvale. After the night elves joined the Alliance, she traveled to Stormwind, eager to see new places and meet people of other races. Erinne immediately fell in love with the human lands and the fast pace of life there. Since then, she has spent most of her time travelling through Azeroth, never staying in one place for long; though she often returns to Stormwind.

(sorry, I know it's kinda shoddy, will revise it later)


The branches of the trees rustled in the chill breeze as the small group of people rode along the road to Darkshire. Erinne looked around warily, knowing full well that one could never be too cautious in Duskwood. Her two companions seemed likewise alert.
Strange shapes seemed to be moving about in the darkness, and glowing eyes peered at them from the vegetation. Although she knew that those were probably nothing but harmless animals, or illusions created by the shadows in the moonlight, she couldn't help feeling like something dangerous was stalking them. Suddenly, a loud rustling sound coming from the bushes on the left side startled the traveleres. "What was that?" one of the humans asked, peering into the darkness. "Probably just an animal," Erinne said, doubting those words even as she spoke.
She had barely finished speaking when one of the horses panicked, throwing its rider off, and at the very same instant a huge dark shape burst out of the bushes, striking at where the rider had been a second before. Now, its claws instead dug into the horse's back, mauling the poor animal. The creature finished off the horse with another powerful swipe of its claw, as the unfortunate rider attempted to scamper away.
"Worgen!" shouted the other human, drawing his weapon and urging his horse onwards. He managed to strike the Worgen on the head, killing it instantly, but more of the wolf-like creatures had appeared between the trees. Erinne also reached for her swords, and her riding tiger snarled as the creatures closed in on them. They were surrounded.

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