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Default Important; Everyone Read - 10-24-2008, 08:32 AM

This is just a reminder to everyone on what to do in the case of dealing with rulebreakers.

Doll Or Image Theft

If you find out that another user on here has stolen your doll/image that you made and is using it in their profile/signature/avatar without giving you credit or claiming it as one they made, don't go to their profile and shout at them, instead inform Kitty or I. Please include the following information:

1. Proof that it's your doll. If it has your name on, that will be easy enough; otherwise, if for example it was stolen from a shop, then provide the thread url.
2. Name of the user and a link to their profile.

Signatures And Avatars

If you see a user with a signature or avatar that breaks the rules laid out here: or is obscene, attacking another user or stretching the screen, again don't PM the person or post in their comments. Don't tell the user that their signature/avatar breaks the rules; tell Kitty or I so I can put it right by informing the user. If you are unsure as to what constitutes a rule breaking signature/avatar, then feel free to PM either myself or Kitty and we will tell you.


On no account should you tell the spammer they are breaking the rules. If you come accross a spam post or thread, make a note of the url and report it to the forum's moderators. That is what they are for; to look after the forums and clean spam. If the forum mods are not online, then report it to either Kitty or myself. Also, do not go to the spammer's account and post a comment on their profile telling them not to spam.


It's inevitable that a few people may need reminding of the rules from time to time; however, as forum users, this is not your job. Do not tell a person off, either in the thread or on their profile. Don't PM support unless it is a site issue; for example, someone posting with an obscene avatar in Chat. Support has given me the job of general forum maintenence, so please PM me about forum rulebreakers rather than going over my head and PMing support. Support has enough to deal with as far as keeping the site going; plus she has other issues in real life that require her attention. You can also message Kitty about forum issues; as Super Moderator, she is able to deal with forum issues just like I can.

If you are sending a PM to either Kitty or myself about someone breaking the rules, please include the following information:

1. The username of the rulebreaker.
2. The url of the thread where it took place, or a link to the profile in the case of a comment flame war.
3. A brief description of what happened.

Do not PM me to tattle, or to try and get someone into trouble. I have no use for petty squabbles between users; if you don't like someone on here, then avoid them. If they are expressing an opinion that differs from yours on a thread, don't automatically assume that they are being rude or attacking you unless they actually single you out for abuse. Merely saying, "I don't agree with you" is not abuse. Saying something like, "You're an idiot and I hate you" is.


Forum user Red_Dress spams General Discussion with one chat thread and two random posts. As it happens, neither the moderators, the super moderator or the admin are online. Before any forum staff can get on, two more users come on. Forum user Blue_Eyes sees the spam and takes it upon herself to post in all three threads telling the user off, as well as going to her profile and posting "Don't spam! It's breaking rules!" Conversely, forum user Night_Sky, on seeing the spam, PMs the forum mods of General Discussion; ie, dudettel, Sarah_K_O_M and Miranda_ with a post detailing Red_Dress's spam along with links to the spam threads.

Please do what Night_Sky did, rather than Blue_Eyes. Blue_Eyes means well, but is just creating more work for the forum mods, who now have to delete her spam as well as Red_Dress's, and for the super mod and admin, who now have to referee the flame war as Red_Dress's friends attack Blue_Eyes and her friends. It is not a short cut to modship doing what Blue_Eyes did; mods are chosen by admin as and when they are needed.

By the way, none of the users listed in the example exist to my knowledge; they were just made up to use in the example. No-one is being singled out by this thread, so please don't PM me to either ask me or complain about being singled out. This is a general thread, to all TDP forum users, so that the forums can run as smoothly as possible. ^^

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