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Name: Kayte Thomas
Age: 15
House: Oak
Bio: Kayte and her twin sister, Killie, are almost entirely indentical in every way - except Killie, well, she's a bit of a nutcase and never seems to pay attention to anything. Their father died of lung problems and they've been living in a fairly weird boarding house owned by their aunt and uncle ever since with their mother, who while she served in the military gets very little pay. Kayte doesn't much care for the dress code or in fact for the earring rule and has just one earring that while piercing her earlobe can clip to the edge of her ear. She only recently got it, and is unsure if it'll cause trouble. She also loves to play various sports, but due to a recent leg injury can't play many rigorous ones like she used to. Does not condone the use of drugs, but if people are gonna use them, she's not gonna bother telling them it's pointless.


Name: Kirstie "Killie" Thomas
Age: 15
House: Thorn
Bio: Since Kayte's the more normal of the pair, Killie was the weird one; videogame addict, lazy, and generally a spazz, you'll never see Killie wearing a skirt without leggings or pants under it. She's gotten yelled at millions of times for breaking dress code, and she really wishes there were dress down days; she's getting sick of not being able to wear her band shirts. She keeps her mobile with her constantly: she's very close with her aunt, who's sick in the hospital at the moment and she doesn't currently care what the headmistress will do, she's not going to sit in the office and wait five hours listening to the secretary gab on the phone. Her words, not mine. When she's hanging with some of her friends, she sometimes smokes we'ed, which may be contributing to her peculiar behavior.

Kayte stuffed her mobile back into her purse, grumbling; all she was doing was checking the time on it, not her fault she had to open it to turn the thing on. Her short blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail - well, two, actually, considering it wasn't long enough for one - and her blue eyes stared down at the awkward leg brace she was wearing; she really wished she was able to wear pants to cover it up.

Killie, who was sitting in the back, was mostly slouched over her desk and had her head in her bag, along with both her hands; she was playing on a DS and apparently was trying to save a patient on some videogame. "Come on, sutures, drain, sutures, scalpel, where's the gel-WOO! HIGH SCORE!" She was actually whispering, but it was fairly loud. Her hair was a lot longer than Kayte's, reaching down past her shoulders, and she'd rushed a bit much doing her makeup and it was now a mess of purple and green eyeshadow. They had the same eye color as well, but Killie always had a silly grin to hers.

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!

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