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1) How old are you:
last time i did this i was 14, I'm now 15 1/2!

2)how many people have dated up to this point in your life?
One. *loves him lots*

3)are you currently dating anyone if so boy or girl?
Kinda, and he's a guy. I hope

4) what is your sexual orientation? (straight,bisexual,***,lez ect..)
Straight (still)

5)Who is a virgin here? If your not state when you lost it and where?
Hah, as if. Virgin. (still same)

6) What was the most awkward thing you have done with another
Earlier this year, Friday March 31st 2007, 8am, I told this guy I'd known since we were 7 that I liked him, and then i ran away, and later in the day one of the girls who had been on the bus at the time came and found me and went 'Omigosh, you should have seen his face he totally freaked out! Was it like a dare or something?'

that's still the most awkward thing I can think of on the spot.
Well, there was camp this year.
It was a 24 hours bus trip to the place we were staying from home, so around 11 the teachers told us to shush and go to sleep. Boy and his friends told me i 'shouldnt feel threatened by their awesome wake-powers' because they were staying up all night, and i could go to sleep without feeling bad.
At 1am exactly, all three of them fell asleep :P
I was sort of considering sleeping when Boy turns over and snuggles into my shoulder in his sleep. Instantly awake.
Ended up spending all night this way, and after breakfast I literally collapsed of exhaustion. And woke up on his shoulder, with him gently moving my head because I was falling off and he didnt want me to get hurt or anything.

which would have been sweet, except the whole bus was watching! And I think one of his friends took photos.

7)How far have you gone?
kissed him on the cheek. Have decided not to kiss him properly until he reciprocates *properly* (mostly he just grins awkwardly and goes 'thanks')

8 )Ever curious about the same sex?

9) Do you ever think about marriage?
Yeah, a little.

10)Have you ever asked anyone out?were you turned down?
Yes, I asked the aforementioned boy to the year 9 social, he accepted but it was cancelled.
This March I invited him to see Sweeney Todd with me, and he accepted again. Sadly, he was really shy and wouldn't even snuggle me like he will at school or on camp and stuff. *sighs* One of these days he'll ask me out, he will, he will -_-

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