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Name: Nikki Darson
Age: 20
Occupation (student, professor, etc.): professor
Classes: History
Race (Elf, human, half): Half
Image/Appearance Description: Click
Personality (at least 5 attributes. 2 must be negative.): She is extremely strict and harsh. She can also be a bit cold but, when she warms up to people, she is sweet, nice, realistic, and extremely caring and generous.
Biography/Other: Nikki was dating a human guy for about 6 months and during the time, she had agreed to take in her nephew who had lost both of his parents in an accident. After that, her boyfriend dumped her. Since then, she hasnít dated since and has been a bit cold to most men. She is extremely cautious around them, as well.

Name: Jennifer Dwarf
Age: 18
Occupation (student, professor, etc.): student
Classes: Law, Healing
Race (Elf, human, half): human
Image/Appearance Description: Click
Personality (at least 5 attributes. 2 must be negative.): She can sometimes be a bit vain and has the tendency to be controlling. But she can also be very daring, humane, and diplomatic-which can probably be good and bad.
Biography/Other: Jen has never really had to deal with people treating her differently because she was human. She grew up in a diverse area where the Elves, Half-breeds, and Humans had all live together peacefully. She did however know that the entire planet wasnít like that.

Name: Justin Mild
Age: 19
Occupation (student, professor, etc.): student
Classes: History, Magic
Race (Elf, human, half): Elf
Image/Appearance Description: Click
Personality (at least 5 attributes. 2 must be negative.): He can be unforgiving, violent, and over-confident but he can also be strong-willed, resourceful, and fearless. He could also be very independent but that can be both good and bad.
Biography/Other: Justin grew up in a predominantly elf area with very few half-breeds and humans. His parents hated anyone that wasnít a pure elf but Justin could care less. He didnít particularly care for the humans and half-bred elves but he didnít mind them either.

Nikki was sitting in her room, dressed in her lounge pants and a baggy shirt, getting her lesson plans ready for the next day. Bryan, her nephew, was already in bed and asleep. She looked up at the clock and sighed. She needed to go to bed soon herself.

Jennifer was in the library, doing research for her law essay. She hadn't made many friends within the first couple weeks but didn't care much. Her roommate, Jackie, wasn't very nice to her and most of the other elves weren't either. She mainly just hung out at the library after classes, seeing as many people didn't stay too long there.

Justin was hanging out with some of the other kids in his dorm, including Josh. "Hey guys! The game's on!" Justin said, looking at the TV.

Being single doesn't make you weak, it means that you are strong enough to be on your own; Being alone could be a good thing, because there is no drama involved in your life, no pain, and free to do what ever you want. Life is too short to be chasing those who aren't even worth fighting for, you are worth more than that.

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