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Default Elven University [RP] - 07-12-2008, 08:26 PM

This is a spinoff of the Elven Battles RP. However, others can join, since the only connections will be some of the people.

Kingsley University for Elves is the largest university in all of the Elven world. In this world, humans, elves, and half-human/elves live together in harmony. And the students... well, they live in the amount of harmony you would expect from a bunch of University students.

They can take all the usual subjects like math, history, law, psychology, etc. and (along with at least one of those) they can get a degree in magic, weaponry, or healing. They can take whichever they choose, but they must choose one regular, and one elven. Even if they are human.

Sometimes living together can cause many problems. Not everyone on campus gets along. The school is very cliquey, but there are people willing to let that change. Still the elves don't let the humans play their games, and the humans don't let the elves play theirs. The halfers that don't pick a side are usually out-casted their whole University career.

The school costs nearly nothing to get into considering it's fairly new, has a large campus, and many courses and clubs to choose from. Also, each person, for a very low fee, gets a free room (with one roommate) including a computer desk, two single beds, and a small closet.

The school rules are simple. They're mostly the basics of any high school, college, or university.

  1. This has no rating as of yet, but you must be at least 14 to join this RP.
  2. If you aren't sure if you're "Advanced" as far as RPing goes, PM me. Otherwise, Advanced RPers know who they are. It's just that I don't want posts like: Hiiz *James walks in* nice 2 meet u. Or something. I need to know you can actually write with some skill.
  3. Other basic RP rules apply.
Character Form:

Occupation (student, professor, etc.):
Race (Elf, human, half):
Image/Appearance Description:
Personality (at least 5 attributes. 2 must be negative.):

My Characters:

Name: Jacklyn (Jackie) Hoffman.
Age: 19
Occupation (student, professor, etc.): Student
Classes: Magic, Mathematics
Race (Elf, human, half): Elf
Image/Appearance Description: Jackie 1 Jackie 2
Personality (at least 5 attributes. 2 must be negative.): Bossy, tough/strong, unique, materialistic, athletic.
Biography/Other: Sister of Joshua

Name: Joshua (Josh) Hoffman.
Age: 20
Occupation (student, professor, etc.): Student
Classes: Weaponry, Law
Race (Elf, human, half): Elf
Image/Appearance Description:
Personality (at least 5 attributes. 2 must be negative.): Negative, realistic, honest, intelligent, hard-working.
Biography/Other: Brother of Jackie
Characters that MAY appear from Original (Elven Battles):

Name: Mira [can't remember last name... if I've given her one.]
Age: 19, almost 20.
Occupation (student, professor, etc.): Professor's fiancee.
Classes: -none-
Race (Elf, human, half): Elf
Image/Appearance Description:
Personality (at least 5 attributes. 2 must be negative.): depressive, selfless, self-conscience, caring, kind.
Biography/Other: Engaged to Theo. Has a 1 year old son named Daniel. Has battled depression for a few years.


Jackie unpacked her bags. Finally. School had started a few weeks back, but she procrastinated over putting her stuff in the closet. She really didn't have the time with all the homework, assignments, essays, and sports she was involved in, to really get settled in. However, today the petite athletic blonde girl had nothing else to do, so she figured why not now? Currently she had no roommate, and she was worried her stuff would take up the majority of the closet. So if someone did come, she figured, the girl would need to live out of her suitcase. And to her, unless it was another full elf, she would probably make them do so even if there was room.

Meanwhile her brother Joshua was out chilling with some of his elven mates. He didn't do this often, so he was pretty excited. Unlike his sister, he really didn't just hang out with Elves all the time, but this time he happened to. Josh wasn't involved in any clubs, and the only sport he was involved in was Tennis, but he still was lacking free time because of how often he did extra credit assignments and how much time he would spend working to perfect his term paper. He wasn't a nerd, no, but he was not idiot.
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