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Default Forum Manners for Internet Spanners - 04-12-2008, 11:09 AM

Anyway, this isn't a Netiquette topic, but one on manners, which is different. I think.
Okay then!

Here's some things you should remember when joining a new forum community.

1: Lurking is good. Have a poke about, read some threads before you post.
Get familiar with the general layout and what goes where. It'll help you in the long run, promise.

2: Mods don't have to sit there and take abuse. Loads of people seem to think this, and it's whacked. We are not punching bags, folks, albeit the kind that punches back.

3: You're not the Queen Bee, or the Daddy Longlegs. You are not all powerful, and you're not that important.
So if you leave the forum after a huge hissyfit, we won't give a flying flip. Forums are like beehives, if one bee dies it doesn't make a difference to the beehive.
Plus, bees only kill themselves when they sting.

4: We! Are! Your! Friends! But only if we know you first. So before you click that Add Friend link on some random person's profile, remember this very important thing:
Would you be friends with some loon that walks up to you in the street and yells "HEY, WANNA BE BESTEST FRIENDS FOREVER?!!!!1!11?????"

5: Patience is a virtue. Forums are slow by nature, the opposite of IM's. So sit back, relax, get 7Up and a sandwich, play a flash game. Then check your messages.

6: Respect for authority is actually an okay thing.
People have actually sent PM's to MODS saying stuff like 'You stop punishing me for spamming/friend me right now or I won't stop posting stupid threads!'
In those cases, the Temp Ban Frying Pan is applied swiftly and painfully.

7: If you ask for help, don't complain about the advice.

8: Keep your personal info personal. There's nasty folks on the Internet, and some of them come here. You tell your personal info to all and sundry, you may as well go into a loonybin for the Criminally Insane butt naked. And that's how Freddy Krueger came to be. Well, sort of.
And don't tell other people's either. You'll get banned so fast you'll be knocked into the middle of next week next year.

9: At least try to to be funny, or at leats interesting. It won't kill you, honest.


11: Post count doesn't equal popularity, and it won't get you Modship. Only competence can do that. Though that does raise the question of why I was picked...

And that's all I have for now.

"Without heroes we are all plain people and don't know how far we can go."

-Bernard Malamud

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