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Default *A Family Haunting:* **Private RPG** - 03-28-2008, 08:43 PM

This is for advanced/experienced players. This would include TheHayleyDoll, Spirit_Queen, Miranda_, Silent_Wolf, and Sarah_K_O_M. If you still wish to join and your name is not on here, please PM me before posting along with charrie form and first para.

The Ruttle family has just moved into a new house. It is located in present-day PA, along a historic street called Franklin Avenue (not real as far as I know). The Ruttle family consists of the couple Daniel and Lynn, yn's two daughters of a previous marriage, Kaitlyn and Samatha and Daniel's son, Tyler. Kaitlynn, Sam, and Tyler are all around the ages of 13-17.

The house that they have just moved into a house with some scary history. Supposedly, people have died in this house--And never left. Sam, Kaitlyn, and Tyler all find out about this. They all have different reactions. Now, when There are unusual noises, frightening voices, and other scary phenonmens(sp?). Who are these ghost or what is behind these strange noises and what lives ahead for this newly found family. Will you be one of the ghosts or a family member?

*Obviously, all RPG rules apply. (Duh -.-)
*Experienced players only (Another duh)
*After 50 pages, NO ONE is allowed to join. Period.

Charrie Forms:
*Personality-brief, give a couple strengths/weaknesses. They can be fully determined as we go along. Easier too! XD*
*Short Bio- If a ghost, tell why you are still here and how you died. If human, tell if you are excited about the move or not. Also, how the younger kids feel about their house being filled with Spirits.*

Short Bio:

My Charries:

Name: Lyn Ruttle
Human/Ghost: Human
Age: 39
Personality: She is intelligent, organized, and determined but can be a bit bossy, perfectionist, and stubborn.
Short Bio: Lyn was married for 9 years before getting a divorce. She has two daughter, Kaitlyn and Sam. She met Daniel during her marriage and they fell in love. She can also be a slight workaholic and not come home til very late. She is a lawyer.

Name: Samantha "Sam or Sammi" Mills
Human/Ghost: Human
Age: 16
Apperence: click
Personality: She is most of the time patient, always loyal to her friends, and can be driven to do things when she wants to be. She always likes to prove herself. However, she can definitely be just as stubborn as her mother, have a bad atitude, and be quite sarcastic.
Short Bio: Sammi doesn't like Daniel. She blames him for the move and for other things but she doesn't know what they are. Its something her gut tells her. She hates the move because she has to leave her best friend and her boyfriend behind. Her mother promised her a car but Sam doubts it'll happen. She hates moving to the small town because even though the internet said it was haunted, she doubts its anyways because nothing ever happens in a small town.

Name: Phoebe James
Human/Ghost: Ghost
Age: 15
Apperence: Not needed?
Personality: Not Needed?
Short Bio: Phoebe was living in this house back in 1995. Her mother was a druggie who always went out at night to bars and dressed quite provocative. Phoebe was always home alone and expected to be good. She was never allowed to have friends over because she never had friends. Everyone thought she was just like her mother. One night, after her mother had left, Phoebe took a handful of drugs. Realizing that death wasn't the answer, Phoebe immediately called 911. The police, however, got there too late to save her.


Lyn sat in the front seat of the car as Daniel drove them out to the house. The moving van was following them.
"Isn't this exciting? We get to make new lives for ourselves and everything!"
"I had a perfectly good life back in Philly." Sammi grumbled.
"Oh, Samantha, get over it. Here in Gettysburg you get to make a whole new group of friends and maybe even a new bf." Her mother continued.
"God. Please kill me. Now."
"Sammi!" Lyn snapped.
"Mother, we are moving to the middle of nowhere! All these small town hicks probably have never even left there stupid little town. Hell, if you wanted to move to the middle of nowhere, why the hell didn't you just ask the Amish people to take you!"
"Watch your mouth, Samantha."
"Hell. Hell. Hell."
"Do you want to be grounded?"
"Wouldn't make a difference." She muttered.
Lyn gave up and looked out the window, still excited.
Sammi, however, was still sulking as she watched all the fields go by, including all the cows. She sighed. "You know, all these cows probably outnumber the humans."
"Oh stop with all the stupid drama!"
Sammi stuck her tongue out and pulled her IPOD out.
"Oh, real mature."

Being single doesn't make you weak, it means that you are strong enough to be on your own; Being alone could be a good thing, because there is no drama involved in your life, no pain, and free to do what ever you want. Life is too short to be chasing those who aren't even worth fighting for, you are worth more than that.

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