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Default Jack The Ripper: The Whitechapel Killer {RP} {Done/Dead} - 03-01-2008, 10:26 AM

1. This RP is for experienced RPers only. It will be rated M; therefore it is not for anyone I do not consider experienced. Everyone should know by now who I do consider experienced; please don't spam the RP asking to join unless you are one of those people.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you. This RP is based on real life events, therefore is human only.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. If you want to play a victim, then ask me first; otherwise, I will play them. Make your characters realistic to the time period. Here are some links to help you if you are unsure:

Jack the Ripper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

<h2>THE VICTIMS - of Jack the Ripper</h2>

5. The Ripper will be played by me, but he won't feature in the RP as much as the victims and their friends. This RP is focusing mainly on the lives of the people who lived in the time and place the crimes are committed.

Whitechapel in the year 1888 is a very different place to how it is today. Flooded with immigrants, mostly from Poland and Ireland, it is cramped and poor. Poverty is everywhere you look, from the piles of refuse in the gutters, to the garishly dressed women who sell their bodies on the street for the price of a few glasses of gin and a doss-house bed. Most of these women have been driven to prostitution from sheer desperation to survive on the grim streets; some have their own homes, others live hand to mouth and go from doss-house to doss-house. There are a few priests who may venture forth into the mean streets, but the majority of the better classes turn up their noses at the Whitechapel women, saying that they're no better than they should be and that there are other options beside the one they have chosen.

There are not. Any person too poor to support him/herself must by law enter the workhouse. To many of the inhabitants of the East End, this is akin to a living death and must be avoided at all costs. The atmosphere around the East End is mainly fear, despair and desperation; the people try to prevail against this by visiting the gin houses that are dotted around the place for a glass or two of cheap gin, or by huddling together to attempt to raise each other's spirits. It's a dirty, nasty place to live, but there is some comradery among the people; after all, that's all that they have.

Character Form:


My Characters:

Name: Mary Jane Kelly
Age: 25
Appearence: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty
Bio: Mary was born in Limerick, Ireland and moved to Wales where she married a collier who was tragically killed in a pit disaster. After turning to prostitution in Cardiff, she moved south to London where she worked in a West End brothel. She eventually came to Whitechapel, where she lived in a house in Dorset Street. Mary is generally pleasent, tho when she's had a few gins she can be very loud and prone to shouting things at passersby. Mary is also prone to fits of depression; she can also be stubborn and not listen to good advice. She likes her friend Jenny Lyons, but secretly is pleased with the fact that, as she sees it, Jenny is not as pretty as she is cuz this shows her off in a better light.

Name: Mary Ann Nichols, aka "Pretty Polly"
Age: 42
Appearence: Brown hair, brown eyes, just under average height
Bio: The estranged wife of a printer, Polly had borne five children before husband William eloped with one of her friends in 1877. It was then that she became trapped in the downward spiral of drink and prostitution, her final days spent living in the squalid conditions of the "White House" doss-house on Flower and Dean Street. Polly tends to keep herself to herself, not trusting anyone, and has been on occasion locked up for the night in the cells after a night getting drunk. She has a bit of a temper, and this is exarbated by alcohol.

Name: Jenny Lyons
Age: 24
Appearence: Long red hair, pale blue eyes, freckles.
Bio: Jenny was engaged to be married at the age of fourteen when her fiance left her to marry a rich heiress. Jenny was depressed by this; even more so when her parents, desperate for their only daughter to be married off as soon as possible, forcebly engaged her to a fifty year old judge. Jenny ran away from home as she didn't want to be married to the judge, and soon descended into prostitution. She is currently sharing a squalid house in Dorset Street with her friend, Mary Kelly. Jenny hates her life now and wishes she could raise herself up in the world, but makes the best of it for the moment. She can be a bit short tempered at times; plus she's extremely slovenly as far as the house is concerned; she never clears up after herself and is also far too fond of a gossip.

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