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Unhappy 02-28-2008, 09:15 PM

Okay i hadthis really fat
math teacher and i swear i think he speaks
giberish :]]
he litlerly spits EVERYWHWERE
everytime he talks
i am lucky that i sat in the back row :P
and my friend who has him now she sed when
they look at the over head
there is the little blob and it will never go away!
and she sed it was slobber and
i think i remember that i am not sure lol
but then she said that today
her math teacher
was wipping off on of those overhead clear paper
and he took a tissue and wipped his head and then used his
sweat as water to wash of the marker!
and some other people i knwo that go to that
middle school
they sed that he ate a cockroach! ewww
yeah so thats pretty nasty and
he sings and dances
he yells alot tooo lol
but wen i went to school there he got really mad
(when i sat in the front row) he took a ruler
like he always does and he was hitting MY desk and it scared me so bad and when i thought he was done i put my hands back and
he got me! it hurt soooo bad!
i remember i had to wear bandages around my
hands for a while
but that was toward the end of the school yeah :P

i was in 6th grade when all tht stuff happend :P
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