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Default HoC Goes Highschool! Private RP. - 02-23-2008, 03:19 PM

Please Note: You can only join if you’ve also RPed in Howl of The Canine. Otherwise, no dice. You’re not getting in.

The school is Garshama Academy, also known as Experiment House. It’s not as fancy as the name suggests, but it is known for being a good school. It’s also exclusively a boarding school, even if you just live up the road.
The city is kind of under a mild martial law, in that the commander of the army is also the mayor.
It’s also a kind of messed-up city. Loads of whacko cults and things, so you can all have fun!

In Garshama, schools like the Academy are pretty rare, and due to many folks being paranoid some think that the whole place is a sort of military cover and is kidnapping children for nefarious means.
This is complete bull, but there is a grain of truth.
Kids from the Academy and surrounding schools are going missing, one or two every month. They turn up again weeks later, or not all, but they’re very strange. People that were outgoing and friendly are now reclusive, shy and nervous, while withdrawn people are now hyperactive and off the wall.
The city government won’t do anything, the other schools can’t. But the Academy is ran by an extremely odd woman named Miss Emerald, and she’s decided that her school, full of minds that work in new ways, is just the right thing to solve the whole affair.

This revelation is months away, but even now the pupils are getting restless. The principal is seen much for often than usual, and she seems to looking for someone. Some are nervous about this, while others just don’t care, most are simply curious.

For now, they have to deal with their own problems. The usual teenage dramas stop for no reason, not even impending wars. And there’s always the drama of did Celene really steal Michela’s boyfriend, or is Jacques really just a two-faced manwh*re(yes)?

Social System:
There’s three main cliques within the school, Plastics, Canines, and Gearheads. Each of these groups is encouraged by the school council, has their own basketball team and cheerleaders, their own Discipline Committee, their own sides of the canteen, even their own areas within the Dorms.

Plastics-the Pets.
So called because most of them are using little plastic cards just chock full of Daddy’s Money™. They’re the most powerful of the groups, taking up a third of the school population, and five ninths of all the resources it offers.
Most of the Plastics are simply sycophants rather then being truly nasty, but the ruling girls are either genuinely nasty b*tches or ambitious to the point of destructive apathy, or maybe even just unaware of the negative side of what they do. These are known as the Queen Bees.
The guys are either meatheads, mere muscle to cover for the girls, or that type of fella that speaks in an English accent when he’s from New York and still thinks girls should wear corsets and call them ‘sir’.
They hang out in the grassy area of the school yard, or the basketball court.

The Canines are named that because the person who created them was know as Mongrel to the Plastics. They’re the second most powerful clique, using three ninths of the school resources. There are three ‘packs’ within the Canines, Vulpine, Lycaon and Lupine. This was done to further the whole Canine idea. There’s no set personality for any of them, though alike minds do flock together.
They’re generally the loners and middle to working class students.
They bear a long-standing resentment to the Plastics, because they think that the Plastics get everything easy. In return, the Plastics think they’re a bunch of no-good skangers.
Usually, Canines have destructive personalities or are somewhat antisocial. Of course, they can be happy and carefree.
They hang out behind the bike sheds or in small groups.

Gearheads-No parallel. Some can be Vigilantes though.
The smallest of all the groups, using a measly one ninth of resources. They generally keep to themselves, and are pretty secretive.
While the Gearheads seem to be the stereotypical nerds, they’re not. While some are quite ****y or LOTR fan geeks, others do work out.
The Gearheads have no malice to any group, but they wish the Plastic Jocks would quit watching so much teen drama and get over the whole Jock Vs Nerd thing.
They like the Canines more than the Plastics and will do favours for them at lesser price then the Plastics could hope to get. Sometimes they serve as go-betweens.
They hang out any old place.
It should be known that none of the above personality types are set not in stone, there is room for variation. Also, not everyone is in a clique.

As you come in the main gates, there’s a large tarmacadam yard with chain links fences. To the right of the yard are the bike sheds, to the left a grassy area and straight ahead the school building.
There’s paths around either side of the building, and these lead to the dorms straight ahead and basketball courts on the left. From there, you can also see the school for the kids to the right, and I can’t remember what that’s called apart from the Irish Primary or National School title.
The dorms are not segregated, but mixed ones, to a certain extent. A guy and a girl will not be put in a room together, ever, but they may have rooms next to each other.

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