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Default Who is the Most Overrated Celeb? - 02-05-2008, 09:00 PM

I guess this is sorta like "Who Are You Most Tired of Seeing?" yet updated polling and stuff.

Who do I think is most overrated, you my ask? Hmmm... Hard choice. I, personally, am stuck between Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton. Can either of them actually sing or act? And I mean well enough to become a celebrity sing and act. Both are only famous due to their genetics and both have been in racy photos. Yes. Miley has. ((Link to... New Scandalous Miley Cyrus Pictures? | Backseat Cuddler Just underwear, it's not exactly X-rated...))

Now onto them separately -

Miley: Disney seems to be picking a LOT of wrong stars nowadays ((cough... Vanessa Hudgens... cough)). 1st of, like most Disney Stars, she can't really act. Luckily, 90% of their viewers are below 13 and can't tell good acting from crummy acting. She recently tried the 'punk-pop' look. It does NOT work on her. Her singing? Wouldn't be surprised if she's the next to make an Ashlee Simpson lip-syncing 'boo-boo' nation wide. She's fake. You don't even want to know how much makeup she wears. I saw a picture of her without makeup in a magazine and I cringed - almost more then looking at her usual overly made-up face. I know some people like her, (my brother and my friends brother are attracted to her for reasons unknown), but she seems too fake for me.

Need I mention, in a recent teen magazine, she said "I hate being a virgin" and mentioned how she finds it odd that she's trying to be sexy when she hasn't had sex yet. Miley (Destiny Hope) Cyrus also showed this magazine an application to a private school in Nevada that teaching girls how to lose their virginity in 3 easy steps.

Ratings? Acting: 2/10, Singing 3/10 - if it's even her, and 'Beauty Rating' 4/10. Overall, 3/10. And don't say I'm just jealous, because I've starred in a school musical - in which I played lead role - for my singing and acting talents. Not to mention, my BF thinks I'm attractive, and so do countless other guys ((sadly...))

Paris Hilton: Ultimate 'Parisite'. Her father owns some hotels and suddenly she's Hollywood's biggest wh'ore, for lack of a better word. Sex tapes, racy photos, not to mention a supposed online video in which she refers to African Americans as the N word, and says that "Public school is for poor people."

I don't even see why anyone would really like her at all.

Ratings? Acting: 1/10 ((note she ALWAYS plays a wh'ore)), Singing: 3/10 ((being generous here. Her singing is like a virus)), Beauty Rating: 5/10 ((note the wonky eye. O.o Literally...)) Overall: 3/10 as well. ^^

As you can see, I did not just say I hated them or thought they were overrated. I said why. Actually, I never said I hated them; I don't personally know them. However, I can say that I think they are overrated and people should definitely consider the facts before letting either one of them be their role model.

Other Top Choices: Vanessa Hudgens, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears ((Tho I own her new CD...))
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