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Ooc: I may edit in a human soon.
Name: Takaia
Age: 15 3/4 (yes, she keeps track of that...)
Race: Lycaon
Group: Vigilante
Bio: Born and raised in the wild, Takaia was taught the pride and honor of the sacred Lycaon traditions. She is actually a highly skilled warrior, though she tends to be a little ditzy and naive. Oh, heck, she's plain hyperactive. She does not see why one would forgo the great traditions for either scavenging or living with those who would suppress them. In her opinion, the canines were here first, and the humans had no right to opress them. In her mind, when the humans disappear (for she believes this will happen without a doubt), she envisions a world of peace and happiness, of freedom and equality. She doesn't think humans can comprehend such things, which is why she so desperately wants them go.
Takaia had been sent out with the hunting party, and was lying low in the grasses just outside the wood behind her. she and her small group were ever s carefully encircling a group of deer. This took a lot of Takaia's concentration, but the promise of food was worth it. subconsciously, she licked her lips in anticipation. Now, all she need do was wait for the signal from Nich, the group leader.
Name: Marius
Age: 28
Race: human
Group: anti-canine (unless you're talking about pets)
Bio: His ancestors had been one of the leaders in suppressing the canines. He had been raised on the foundations that mankind was dominant, and that those dog-freaks were meant to be nothing but servants to his race. He firmly believes this himself. Sure, canines make good companions... when they're your property.
Marius came home to his lovely lycaon, Kasa, jumping up on him. "Whoa! Down, girl!" He said, though he was laughing. Marius had sun-tannedskin and black eyes. His hair was a ruddy brown, and he almost always had it combed back. "You hungry, Kasa?" Marius asked. Kasa was his top dog, the most reliable, as well as the most spoiled.

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