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And the second bit!

Advanced RPers only. I have the right to tell you to get the hell out as well. Iíll only do it if youíre an eejit though, so chill. XD
Romance allowed. Keep it clean though.
Mary Sues will be kicked in the teeth, then put through a mangle. Then hit with a really large flaming frying pan. Honest. >__>
No gratuitous violence, like killing loads of people for no reason. Thereís meant to be a motive, even if itís something like one stole your pencil and youíre insane.
Your starting character(s) must be a relatively recently ordained New Blood, or about to be one. That means they should be from 15-17.
You canít be a Vampire. Yet, anyways. Or part Vampire. You can have wild eyes though, honest.
And always follow the stickie rules.
I want you to describe your charrie in your opening post. You can include a doll if you want though. I. am, so why not?
Also, when describing personality, be as brief as possible. IĎd rather your character develop personality within the roleplay, if thatís alright. If it isnít, itís grand.
Character Form
Division(Healer or Assassin):
Quick Bio:
Name: Aline Burrons.
Age: 15.
Division(Healer or Assassin): Healer, soon to be ordained.
Personality: Cynical, painfully withdrawn, strong moral compass.
Quick Bio: Her mother and father were killed in a fire, and she was taken in by the Healers.

Name: Jacques Burrons. Heís not showing up for a while though.
Age: 16.
Divison(Healer or Assassin): Assassin, soon to be ordained.
Personality: Very outgoing, an annoying trickster, sticks to what he believes in.
Quick Bio: His mother and father were killed in a fire, and he was taken in by the Assassins.
First post
The sun was just breaking over the horizon as the Disciples of the Juner stronghold opened their eyes, lit their fires and began to cook the food for the days festivities. It was the day of the annual Ordainment Ceremony, which was always a day for song, dance, family and good food as one year ended and a new one began.

In her small hut that was part of the Novice dormitory(A collection of huts clustered together under a much larger hut), Aline packed her satchel carefully. She was one of those due to become a New Blood and as soon as the Ceremony was over, she would be given her own separate hut in the main part of the stronghold. Most liked to wait until after, but she had always hated the crowded dormitories and wanted out as soon as possible.

She finished packing a few old trinkets and her new clothes before changing into the plain white robes for the Ceremony. Like most Healers she was pale, though not the green of the older ones and was slightly stockier than the average. She had dark red hair, which had a tendency to eat her hairbrushes if she wasnít careful and blue eyes that would be covered by said hair if she forgot to hold it back with a ribbon. Her new clothes were the default uniform of the Healers in blue and white.

She stepped outside, avoiding the crowd of families that were hugging their children with tear filled joy. Families had come from all over the land, over treacherous swamp and steep mountain just for a few hours to celebrate.
Aline moodily kicked at the dirt with her barefoot and stubbed her toe.

Over by the wall, a guy snickered then elbowed the guy behind him and pointed. He then cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled "Way to go, genius!" He laughed to the other guy, "Is she a smart cookie, or what? "

Ooc: XD

Also, this is what she looks like in her new uniform: I love that doll so much.

"Without heroes we are all plain people and don't know how far we can go."

-Bernard Malamud

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