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Do you mind if i make the mother of your characters, if not ill change the last name

Name:Lunara (Luna) Drakula
Age: 97
Hair color:Raven black with a sleek red like color
Eye shade:A dark red
Fang lengh:about one and a half inches,which may as well become two inches when she is 100
Height:3 meters or 5'8
Class:well known and well off citizen
Powers:Basic bat transformation,
Nature:A strong,tough mother, but sometimes,she gets a bit clumsy, actually, alot.
Description:The moon makes Lunara look like a star but during the day she never comes out, unless its her kids, they get her up.
Strengths:Her planning ideas always work out on the paper,she always had a good idea of what her children where doing,and a sense of trouble,also she is pretty quick (If she doesn't trip due to clumsiness)
Weaknesses:Her clumsiness keeps her tripping up, her plans she executes...never work out and shes a little weird sometimes.
Disabilitys: Can't go 15 minutes without catching a child doing something bad, and will absouloutly kill herself in the idea of going to (as we in the real world know as alaska) the artic.
Likes:Fish,cooking, not tripping,music,and tv.
Dislikes:Coconuts,the artic,base music,the clarinet,the sun.(Duh),and sometimes there careless babysitter.

Name:Turana (Tara) Comeji
Hair color: A reddish black
Eye color:a medium color red
Fang lenth:half an inch
Height:1 and 3 4th of the meter
Class:Well done citizen
Powers:Can turn into wolf,bat and squirrel (Scary, isn't it?).She can also climb up steep walls and hills.
Nature:Somewhat lazy,somewhat clean,video game freak,and enjoys this life.
Description:Though a bit smaller than most kids,some think her hair just attracts boys,but she never really noticed.She is usually seen holding or wearing a blacking red rose.
Strengths:video games,picking at her many roses,eating tuna and playing video games,drinking blood.
Weaknesses:Has a breakdown when she sees her parents brought her a bright red school uniform,in the day she cuts it and paints it black.Sometimes goes partially blind,a little careless,a little weird,and VERY shy.Pushes away friends and family to be alone.
Likes:Fish,meat,blood,being quiet and shy.Video games and astroligic sciences.Underwater vacations,in the Black sea.
Dislikes:Her brother,cousin,bright red dresses,school,dieng in her video games.Being tormented and made fun of by school kids and older brother.
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