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If for any reason, you find spelling hard, then use the "check spelling" facility in the reply box rather than make posts full of errors. You can find it in the main reply and quick reply; it's the button that looks like an ABC with a tick. It's visible only in Internet Explorer, but if you're using Firefox there are addons you can use instead. Please make the effort to spell properly; it makes your posts clearer and also ensures that people will take you seriously. The pictures below show the spelling button on both quick reply and main reply.

Also, there appears to be some unwarranted confusion about where the edit button is. This picture shows where it is; it's right above the New Reply button.

Leaving Threads.

There are four kinds of leaving threads. (Examples are made up, not quoted from actual users)

1. N00b Leaving Thread.

im leaving cuz u guys are mean and nasti and alwaz yelllin at me
Basically, they're complaining because they weren't following the rules and are assuming the moderators are being nasty to them and only them. This is not true: there are many n00bs on this board, many I won't name, but to assume that you're entirely innocent is n00bish in itself. If you refuse to read the rules, you can and WILL be banned.

2. Superiority Complex Thread.

I'm leaving because I'm too good for this board. I never asked to be a moderator, and yet I see unworthy morons getting it instead. This board has gone to hell. I want my account deleted NOW.
Basically, they're complaining about how they're so much better for the board, even though they themselves have been terrible users and generally n00bish themselves, as well as constantly attacking other members of the board for minor things that aren't even in the rules, like accidental typos and music tastes. This type of person is basically acting like a child taking their ball and refusing to play.

3. Understandable Leaving Thread.

Guys, some things have come up in real life and I'm not going to be on as often. I'll try to keep up, but I may leave for awhile to get things in order. I'm gonna miss you guys.
This user is not complaining, they're simply stating a fact. They're letting people know they're not going to be on the board for awhile. This user may also give friends more details in PM. If this is you, an estimate of how long you may be gone and a general idea of what may be going on - family trouble, issues with friends and family, school work overload, etc. - should be posted. ^^

4. The Whiny Princess Leaving Thread

I am leaving because the site does not please me anymore in any fashion. I'm cancelling my premium and I am not returning.
Now, on the surface this seems to be a nice, plain leaving thread, but let's consider the bolded bit: What does the forums have anything to do with the mainsite or premium membership?
Users like this tend to also come back and leave the following threads:

Holy crud, you guys are rude! All I said was that I was leaving. Now I really am; I expected much more politeness out of all of you and this just disgusts me. It's been nice, girls.
Do I need to point out that these users ALSO tend to be completely random and never do anything on these boards?

(contributed by Silent_Wolf)

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