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Default 11-16-2007, 11:58 AM

well obviously the certain places around the world that do have the death penalty believe in retribution meaning and eye for an eye . Those particular places are trying to show those so called murders if you do this it will result in this. Yes these creepers do at points deserve to be killed but you HAVE TO consider the facts of their childhood . what ever happend when they were a child is extremely important on how it would reflect how they might act like later on in life. I will give you some examples :

1) jeffrey dahmer-His family soon moved to Bath.Ohio, . He dissected dead animals as a child, the first a bird He dissected many other animals such as a bird that he found dead under the house and a small rabbit in the backyard all already dead he just wanted to look within its insides because the first one he saw being the bird which was already ripped apart by another animal intrieged the young boy so he furthered his curiousity down the rode. e dissected a fetal pig when he was in high school . now ur probably wondering why im talking about his childhood. see its kinda the same really he dissected an animal for pleasure as a child because he got the joy out of it and then grew to a much larger victim being the human. the parents should of monitored that from day one. when they first moved in to this new area he became a quite child that had a difficulty making new friends in a new area and this was all he could do to make him happy.

2)Dennis Lynn Rader also known as the BTK KILLER
Zoosadism for those who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on an animal, sometimes with a sexual component. alright here again with doing things to animals again in his CHILDHOOD .the sexual enjoyment of killing animals, similar to "**** MURDER" in humans.He was a very smart adult though I will give him that to not blow his cover so easily he went to Rader attended Kansas Wesleyan University in the united states and took a course caleld criminal justice which is a basic form of irony cause he wanted to know his rights ., he went to university for one year and then joined the U.S.A air forces for four years. he was sent back to his home town and he took a bachelor's degee in Administration of Justice. He then worked or a company called coleman company and it manufactured camping supplies . Then the really interesting job he scored with ADT Security Services where he installed alarm services for your home where people like him breaking and entering and attacking the home owner would be scared off. he was extremely smart on this one cause he had all the codes of these alarms if they went off and he could shut them down when he was attacking his new victim.

so I am a extremely firm believer that what ever occurs during a person's childhood has an extreme affect on a person's adult life. My mom when she was a little girl she was not allowed to play with barbies or any from of doll cause my grandma believed them to being a little "sexual" for a young girl to look at. and guess what my freaking living room is covered in dolls for that very reason its something she always wanted and now she can finally enjoy it . now that is obviously no match for wheat these two men.

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