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Default School story I wrote. - 11-08-2007, 10:07 PM

Please, PLEASE dont take it! I worked hard on it. (Remeber to rate on a scale from 1 is the worst and 10 is the best!)

(PS: the red words, are our required words we have to use. Just dont mind them.....)

First Man On The Moon
The Neil Armstrong Space Diary
Day 1- Orbiting the earth– Whew, talk about Houston we have a problem! Ya’ don’t find yourself in space very often. This may seem exciting, but it’s scary. You heard it, this is scary! The mission is incredibly dangerous; get a man on the moon. Who ever heard of that! Sheesh, this is going to be a long ride.

Day 1-Lunch- it is really and I mean REALLY weird eating this ‘Dehydrated’ food. It sure isn’t’ convenient! I’m really homesick though, and missing my family. All in all, it’s tough. I hope we have enough fuel, and I ‘m calculating our chances for success. Whoa, got to go. I’ll catch you Buzz! Hold on a sec!

Day 2 -Morning- my back is hurting badly! I guess sleeping in space isn’t the best thing to do, but do I have a choice? Right you are, I sure don’t! Hmm, I wonder what the moon will be like. Rocky? Not-so rocky? Well, to tell you the truth, I heard it’s really rocky. But what I really worry about is that since the moon has been hit by millions of asteroids, its surface has been pounded into tiny particles. Particles so small that they are like razors and pieces of microscopic broken glass. Good thing NASA supplied us with these great spacesuits. Hey! There’s a satellite! Hi satellite!

Day 2- Dusk, on earth that is-This is intensely pressure-packed. I’m really nervous. Even a specialist like me gets nervous! The moon gets closer and closer every second. Its such an amazing site to see. I will probably never look at the moon the same again after this once-in-a-lifetime mission. Hey Michael, where’d my pillow go?

Day 3- A few minuets prior to Tranquility Base touchdown.
  • We have barley any fuel left
  • The computers are so overloaded that we have had shut them down.

Here is the deal. We have taken the guidance computers off-line and must land manually. Easy task… right? Wrong. However, this is one of the things that we trained for so we are prepared. Buzz has the controls now and is guiding us down to the lunar surface. Wait! 30 seconds of fuel left! “Hurry Buzz, now 15 seconds of fuel remaining! You can do it!” His piloting skill just saved this mission, and our lives. We are down and we are cheering and hugging each other. We are the first men on the moon! Well diary, Ill see you back on earth,! I need to slip out of the door, down the ladder and take one small step, or maybe one giant leap.

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