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Exclamation 11-05-2007, 10:41 PM

Originally Posted by Elosine View Post
My parents....I guess you could say they're really laid back. Within reason.

Basically I'm allowed to do whatever I want - if I use good judgement. If they see/notice me doing something they don't approve of, they tell me & such, but I'm allowed to contradict them (unless it's something real serious, which never happens).

I can: (I'm 13)
-have a cell phone (my parents actually prefer it, so I can call them from wherever. In case I'm somewhere were there's no available phones or something.)

-wear whatever clothing/however much makeup I want (within good judgement. They always let me know if they don't approve, which is hardly ever).

-be online as long as I want to be (usually)

-stay up as late as I want (my parents say it's my fault if I'm tired in the morning, too).

-go over to my friends's house after school...even if their parents aren't home. And even my guy friends (I only have one, but whatev.).Luckily, my parents trust me - so therefore, they trust the people I trust.

-I'm not allowed to curse (not around my dad anyway), but I can say crap & heck.

-Read whatever books I want (horror [Stephen King, Dean Koontz], Harry Potter...I thought I should add this).


-A lot more that I'm too lazy to think of.

And I've never really mentioned it, but I think I'm allowed to have a boyfriend, too. Like I said, my parents trust me and know I wouldn't have some sort of....gangsta-wannabe rap-listener with too many piercings and a mohawk for a boyfriend. As a matter of fact, both my parents know the guy I currently "like" a lot personally. They know I "like" him, too.

...I really do wish freedom was something you could evenly distribute through computer screens...T_T.

lets put it this way my parents have complete trust in me.
my dad sends me to the store with his freaking bank card and i know his pin so thats pretty good trust. my dad said he is going to be a bit more "laid back" today I was aloud to go to my friends house with two other people and her mom wasnt even home! time for a victory dance!!! (this is pretty big for me ^.^) but anyways he said that when he is allowed to drive again ( he had an operation) he will drive me and my friends to the mall and I will be allowed to hang out with them there!!!! I'm so happy!!!! and at least three times a day i must here from some of my friends that, "your parents dont even let you do that?!?!" i am not kidding. but I am thankful that they are loosening up a bit

I am still up to reading about your strict parents too!!!

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