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Yumi was busy at the art table sketching a teenage girl in a gothic lolita costume.
The human body anatomy is so very...complicated, and interesting...Not only that, but I just love drawing lace. I do hope that I can win this drawing contest. The money might come in handy.
A boy walked up to her, studying the picture.
"That's nice," he said.
She smiled, blushing, not used to people complimenting her.
"Thanks." And Yumi went back to work.
The boy continued to stare, and she began to feel uncomfortable, so she stopped and turned around.
Immediately after she turned around, the boy asked, "Can I have a piece of paper too?"
What? I barely know this guy, and he asks for paper? Oh well, might as well give it to him.
Yumi handed the boy a piece of paper.
"Thanks. I'm named Brandon. You?"
"Yumi," she muttered. Dang, this boy is getting on my nerves...
Once again she went back to work, but occasionally glanced over at Brandon's paper.
He really stinks...Does he even know what the concept of shading is?
But no matter; the contest entry had to be finished and turned in by tomorrow morning. No time to waste.
"Argh! I keep messing up!" Brandon complained, crumpling up his paper and throwing it behind his back, resorting to watching Yumi again.
The paper didn't even hit the trash can; it simply rolled over on the floor.
That's a waste of paper...
After a while, Yumi was done with her drawing.
"Wow! That's great! Can I have it?"
"Thanks!" Brandon shouted, and took it (and managed to crumple it in the process, Yumi noticed), running off.
I needed that...Oh well. I'll just make him pay later...
Yumi sighed. She knew that she could only create one masterpiece a day.
The next day, everyone had to turn in their contest entry. Of course, Yumi didn't have hers.
She saw Brandon turn in - she gasped, horrified - HER work.
That's cheating! Downright cheating! I am definitely getting back at him.
Of course Brandon won. There was nobody's work that was even able to be compared to Yumi's work.
"Did you really draw this?" The teacher asked suspiciously.
"Uh..Y..yeah," He stuttered.
"I hope so. Since you're so good at drawing, would you mind doing a demonstration right now?"
Brandon gulped.
"You didn't draw this, did you?"
Slowly, he shook his head.
"So who did?"
He pointed to Yumi.
"Detention. After school, tomorrow," The teacher said, dismissing the now distraught boy, and turned to the real artist.
"Good job. You won the contest. Here's the 45 dollar prize promised," he said, giving her the cash.
"Thanks," Yumi muttered, but the teacher had already turned away.
What is their PROBLEM?
That afternoon, after everyone had left, Yumi saw Brandon crying in a corner.
She walked up to him, wondering what was going on.
Sitting down next to him, Yumi asked, "What's wrong?"
"It's..M..My...Little sister..."
Alarmed, she beckoned for him to continue.
"She...She got crash...a..and I d..don't have enoug money to pay f..for it..Th..That's why I stole your en..entry...I'm sorry...W..We don't even have a to in.."
"No, if it's for a reason like this, then it's okay...Wait, YOU? Where are your parents?"
"They..They left"
Yumi frowned. She had never known her real parents.
"Well, calm down. Here, take the money." She handed the cash to Brandon.
"P..Please don't tell anyone..."
Don't be stupid. We need to tell SOMEONE.
"Well, I'll try not to. No promises, though."
"Thanks." He sniffled.
"Come on. Let's go; you and your sister can stay at my house for now."
He looked at Yumi gratefully. "Really?"
"Of course! That's what friends are for."

Chiisan_kawaii tried out for purple and made it! Her charrie is Japanese. ^^

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