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Glossary Of Forum Terms.

Some of you people who are new to forums might not know what all the jargon means, so here is a list of most of the words you're likely to see, both on the board and in moderator/admin messages. If you wish to know the meaning of a word that isn't on the list, then post it here and I'll add it in. Don't spam; read the list carefully before you post as most of the time the word or term you want to know the meaning of will be already there. Some terms are explained above; these will not be included.

Administrator - Has complete control over the forums. Our main Administrator, or Admin, is Support. Please contact her if you have any problems with the main site, for example, chat. I'm also an Administrator, and my area is the Forum. Contact me if there are any issues with the Forums, or the Super Moderator, Silver_Wolf_Kitty.

Avatar - This refers to the little picture you can have under your name. To get an Avatar, click the "My Account" link and go to Edit Avatar. There are Avatar size restrictions so if your picture is too large, it will either be rejected or it will be resized to fit the restrictions. If your picture is too large, you may need to resize it. The same rules for Signatures apply to Avatars.

Board - Refers to the message board as a whole.

Forum - Refers generally to each different part, for example, the Dating Forum, but sometimes can be used to describe the message board as a whole; for example, The Doll Palace Forum.

Forum Rules - These are the rules by which everyone agrees to obey when they first register here. The rules can be found stuck to the top of the Newbies/Friends Forum.

Greeter - A Greeter is a User who has been chosen to welcome Newbies to the Forum, tell them the rules, and offer help and support. Our Greeters on TDP are AaronShadows, ColorPencil and delly1.

Harrassment - Refers to a User who repeatedly either PMs a person or comments on their profile, even after told to stop. Any User who does this will be warned, then banned. In real life, Harrassment could earn you a prison sentence.

Infraction - An Infraction is like a warning to abide by the rules. These are given out to people who spam the board with advertisements, attack other members, delete Moderator or Administrator comment warnings, break the rules regarding Signatures and Avatars or who constantly break the general Forum Rules.

Moderator - A Moderator looks after a certain Forum or Forums. Her/His job is to keep the forum going if it's slowing down by posting new topics, deleting spam, closing Threads that are either dead or degenerating into fights, and generally helping people and answering any questions. At the moment, our Moderators, or Mods, are as follows: Silent_Wolf; spirit_queen; Cheshire1996; and Elanorea.

Newbie - This is a term that refers to a new person to the board. Not to be confused with a Noob, a Newbie may be ignorant of the rules at first, but is happy to learn and won't mind being gently corrected, eventually becoming a useful member of the board.

Noob - This refers to an ignorant new person who, unlike a Newbie, refuses to abide by the rules; that is, if they read them in the first place. Noobs will remain Noobs, no matter how many posts they have.

OP - This refers to the Original Poster, in other words, the person who started the Thread.

Private Messages - Private Messages enable Users to send messages to each other that can only be read by the person sending, and the person receiving the message. Private Messages, or PMs, can be accessed by clicking on the "My Account" link, or by clicking on the name of the person you wish to send the message to. A box will pop up with a little menu, simply scroll down and click on Send Private Message.

Profile - Your Profile is your page, where you can tell people things about yourself, post photos if you wish and read comments that people leave on them. You can make your Profile either Public, or Friends Only; just remember that the Administrator and Super Moderator will be able to read your Profile, so don't put anything there that breaks the Terms Of Use or Forum Rules. Also, don't set your comments so that only friends can post; if you break the rules and end up being warned, it'll be in the form of a PM warning which stays on your profile FOREVER, whereas a comment warning can be deleted by the mod who left it after two weeks.

Shop - Refers to a Thread in either The Marketplace or Requests forums where a User makes either graphics or dolls for other Users. All shops must pertain to the rules of both Forums. Anyone who repeatedly breaks these rules will not be allowed to have a Shop any more.

Signature - This is where you can express yourself thru pictures or text. To get a Signature, click the "My Account" link and go to Edit Signature. You may put whatever you wish within reason; make sure that pictures are not overly large, and that any text or picture you put in abides by Forum Rules and the Terms Of Use. If you have a Signature that is too large, or breaks Forum Rules, you will be politely asked to remove it. If you do not, then it will be removed for you. If you replace it with the same image/text, or post something rude and offensive towards the forum staff, it will be removed and you will receive an Infraction.

Stickies - A Sticky is the term for a thread that remains stuck to the top of the forum, regardless of who posts on it. Stickies are usually information or rules threads. Newbies would do well to read every Sticky before they start posting.

Super Moderator - A Super Moderator keeps an eye on the Forums alongside the Forums Administrator. The Super Moderator, or Super Mod, is Silver_Wolf_Kitty. She and I work together to keep the forums safe and fun for everyone.

Terms Of Use - These are, like the Forum Rules, a set of rules that you agree to abide by when you register, cept the Terms Of Use apply to the entire site, not just the Forums. To read the Doll Palace Terms Of Use, click here:

Thread - Refers to the original post made by a User. The original poster is also known as the OP.

Titles - These are the words that appear under your user name. You can reach another level by posting more, but please don't spam to do this as spamming is against Forum Rules.

User - This is the name of the regular people who post on the board. Everyone who isn't an Administrator, Super Moderator or Moderator falls under this category.

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