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Default Sword of the Lost Gods ~fantasy rp~ - 08-08-2007, 05:20 PM

Sword of the Lost Gods ~fantasy, Rated M~
Deep within a Mayan temple, an Archaeologist finds what looks like an rock table with curious symbols with a sword stuck in it, like something out of Arthurian legend.

Curious, the archaeologist takes a closer look at the sword, noting that the sword seems to be of a more European style, not Mayan. She reaches out and grips the hilt and pulls. It easily comes free.

All of a sudden, a whirlwind starts within the temple, ripping the sword out of the young woman's hands. It hovers in the air and begins to glow. A chorus of voices say

"By powerful spell decreed,
by Thunder Sword sealed,
locked away from our nations.

By mortal hands freed,
whose hands sought to steal,
we begin our reincarnation.

We are your Gods,
to whom all shall kneel,
brought back for all nations."

The sword flashed intollerably brightly, and, for a moment, the wind increased to hurricane force. Then, in an instant, the sword clattered onto the ground once more, and the archaeologist was once again in just a temple, with a sword at her feet. but the experience would stick with her forever.

This roleplay is about the reincarnation of the Old Gods. It doesn't matter which you want to use; Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Mayan... whatever. You will start out as a normal school kid, then you begin to discover you have powers, and so on and so forth. Because there are thousands of deities, I have no limit to how many people join.

1. no *****ing, but romance is encouraged.
2. no godmodding or Mary/Gary Sues, even though we are playing reincarnated gods
3. Be respectful to your other roleplayers!
4. if someone already took the god you wanted; too bad, so sad.
5. Have fun!
6. These are my GOLDEN rules, break them and I have the right to ban you from my rp!

Fill out form
Bio: (optional)

In case your curious about the Gods your fellow roleplayers are being, every God/Goddess will have a link!
1. Apollo; cheetahja
2. Loki; Miranda_

1. Athena; Spirit_queen
2. Freya; TheHayleyDoll
3. Alcyone; Singergirl509

Some Gods/Goddesses I recommend (with links for info on 'em!)
~Camazotz(he was potrayed in a book as God of Vampires)

If you don't like my selection and still can't think of anything, I'll give you a link that will let you search your options! (CLICKERS!)

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