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Default 06-28-2007, 09:00 AM

In middle school the health teacher was pretty weird. First of all, all we ever learned in that class was not to smoke, drink, or do drugs (and two years of this) yet HE was a chain smoker. He was this really old guy and he smelled bad (not to be mean but he kinda did). And we never got anything finished. We'd start doing a project, do it for 2 days and he'd say "we'll finished this next week" and we'd never hear of it again. Of course the class didn't mind xD.

Last year our technology teacher looked like a lawn gnome. He was fat and bald on top with long hair on the rest of his head, and he had a beard and moustache, all of which was white. But also, there were rumors that he was a bit pedophilistic (I don't think thats a word, but you get my idea). He never did anything to a student, but he would look down girls shirts and he had a small little video camera on top of the t.v. that allegedly he wuld turn on if I girl came up to his desk. It isn;t all based on rumors, you see the looking down of shirts and sometimes kids come in to make announcements for various clubs, and he'll be like "ok guys pay attention for a second" and he'll have his eyes glued to their behinds the whole time.

We also had this teacher last year for math and she was just.. she was nuts. We think it's because she has a metal plate in here head (she actually does though, she told us). She's just oblivious to everything. She teaches the lessons by using an overhead projector, and shes staring down at it and you can literally walk across the room, hand someone a note, and walk back. One day this one kid even brought in a toaster and they were masking toast in the back of the room and she didn't notice. And every class always tries to have kids jump out the window, and you never belive that they do untill you see it. It's kinda funny. I feel a bit bad for her though because our class was really loud and badly behaved and she would yell all the time and go on lecture fits that apparently all the a-hole guys thought were funny so they'd make her mad on purpose and ask her questions like "Mrs Linn will you go to prom with me?"

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