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Originally Posted by Polkasaur View Post
As a 'newbie" to the forums I OBJECT!!! Hehe. Nah, I must say I lurked the forums as a guest for awhile today and read up on quite alot. I'm pretty paranoid with what people think of me so I do tend to read things before I make a comment on something =)

But, I do however understand where you're coming from. I've been to another forum and having new people come there and post silly things that are only repeated questions or comments.

I mean....
Y00000 Singergirl509 chu betta lyke BAK OFFFFFF. AIGHTTTT?!!!? Just cuz im newz don gota meen u gott da ryte to trash me.AIGHT?!?! im l33t to da max yo. i will PWN yo butt.

Kidding =)
Hehe. But this being my first post, I think I'm off to a good start, eh?
Originally Posted by Miranda_ View Post
There's a difference between different newbies. There are newbs, who are just ignorant of how to use forums; once they're gently corrected and placed on the right road, they can become useful forum members. Then there are noobs, who act like you said. Newbs I don't mind, noobs are irritating.
Polkasaur, you have a point. Thank-you for reading the rules. The newbie's I'm talking about are the noobs. My bad. I didn't know the correct term for them and like Miranda_ said. Not all newbie's cause problems. You, for insantance, probably won't cause too many problems because you have read the rules and know what is ok and not ok. Thank you, again. I didn't mean that all newbie's cause problems, but at least half do.

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