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Nor me! I am sooo exited
I hope this series finale is better than the last two.I didn't think the storylines were very good on the last two series end, even if the acting was great.

These are sooo funny and very true for me lol.

These reviews are pretty funny -- click here

-You can’t listen to run by snow patrol without thinking about rose and the doctor and/or crying.
-Everything you do has connotations of the show.
-You consider going to the pet shop to buy some fish and call them Chris and Billie
-Suddenly people are avoiding you in case you corner them and subject them to an hour long lecture on the merits of the show.
-Someone wakes you up in the middle of the night and you start muttering about doctor who
-You go into a charity shop to look at their paperbacks and find yourself debating over whether or not to buy a single of Billie Piper's.
-You have a strange desire to go around defacing public property with the words "Bad Wolf".
-You freak out whenever there’s a light breeze and/or you hear a ‘whooshing’ sound
-Your heart skips a beat whenever you hear the word ‘doctor’
-When you’re at a science and technology master-class day and the boys in your group make a couple of completely crap models of daleks and you insist on taking them home and giving them pride of place on your shelf.
-You write ‘I hate Madame de Pompadore’ and ‘number 10 will forever be my doctor’ all over your diary and pencil case.
-You spend hours on doctor who fan forums and livejornals nicking their fanfics and icons.
-You get really ****ed off when someone calls the doctor ‘doctor who’
-You print off the lyrics to a song and right down all the ways they are related to doctor who
-You wonder why you ever hated Billie piper
-you say ‘fantastic’ at least 10 times a day
-Chips suddenly seem more appealing.
-So do bananas.
-You want to go to central London just to show everyone exactly where the TARDIS landed on Victoria embankment
-You have a urge to run across Westminster bridge
You can say and spell the planet the slitheens come from
-You constantly quote from doctor who, sometimes without even realising.
-You wear black for a week after the last episode where the doctor died
-you sit down and type up a list of signs that someone is obsessed with doctor who
-You scream exitedly every time someone mentions Cardiff
-You look through magazines and TV guides desperately looking for pictures of Chris, Billie, john, or anything else related to doctor who.
- Your mobile has a picture of a 1950's/60's blue police box as someone’s display photo. Said number is stored under the name TARDIS. Said person is not surprised when they are greeted by a scream of delight and joy as you hope it's the Doctor inviting you round to 'pull his lever'.
- You watch Doctor Who reruns so many times, you are able to produce pages and pages of analysis on the facial expressions of all the characters. This look is saying "Take me now!!” That look is a "I want to punch him because he is taking a bit too much of an interest in you" look.
- You have the days, hours, minutes and seconds being counted down until the next episode. Nanoseconds may or may not be included in this.
-Your 'Pictures' files are starting to look suspiciously jammed with wallpapers of the Doctor and Rose
-Nothing makes you happier than hearing the opening ‘wooooooEEEEEEEEoooooooo' music
-You re-arrange your whole Saturday so you can be in front of the TV at 7.
-You dance insanely round the room when anything Doctor Who related appears
-You find yourself turning almost every conversation to Doctor Who related matters (at least in your head).
-You can't eat after 6:30 on a Saturday as you're sick with anticipation.
-You're in your local clothes shop and eye the plastic dummies suspiciously - just in case.
-You hear Glen Miller playing in Woolworths and run back thinking "Oh My God!!! They're showing “The Empty Child”!" only to find out it's a random "romantic moods" CD and loads of people are staring at you.
-You've changed the address book in your mobile phone so that instead of reading "Home" it says "TARDIS Calling."
-You shriek loudly in Virgins when they show the Empty Child, refuse to budge from your position where you are gazing in awe up at the screen, get offended when your friend tells you it's pointless watching it because there's no sound, and then inform them that it really doesn't matter that there's no sound because you know all the words anyway.
-You immediatly think of the Doctor when you hear the word Arthur
-You enjoy prank calling people and asking them 'Where's my Mummy?
-If anybody starts ****ing you off, you immediately advance while yelling Exterminate in a loud, high pitched voice
-You start crying if you so much as hear the words 'Will I ever see you again'
-You wonder what you would do if the Doctor came to your house as he doesn't like cats...
-You keep a *****driver by your bed, and every morning when you wake up you point it at the wall in the hope of resonating through it.
-You carry a piece of paper around, and show it to everyone who asks you for ID, claiming it to be psychic paper.
-Gas masks put you in mind of four-year-old boys and nanogenes
-You go shopping with friends and spend twenty minutes (at least!) begging for 49p to buy a badge because it says 'Trust me, I'm a doctor'.
-You see a set of punky fish stationary in WHsmiths and buy the notebook, pens and purse even though you don't need any of it
-You study the ties of everyone you see then laugh in a scornful way when you realise they are nothing like the Doctors.
-You see a advert for an under 8s activity week in your local shop. One of the activities is described as "A trip to the past and the future in our very own Tardis with Time Lord Atkins". And, not only do you wonder if you can pass your self off as a 8 year old, but you pull out a pen and angrily correct Tardis to TARDIS.
-You're out shopping with your best friend, see a Doctor Who poster for sale, and not only buy it, but demand that you must go home immediately to put it up - despite only being out for just over an hour. After you've put it up, the last thing you say before you go to bed is "Good night Rose. Good night Doctor" and the first thing you say when you wake up is good morning to them.
-When you get a new e-mail the sound alert is "You like it" from new earth
- You're already saving your money for November (You're not waiting till Christmas for the boxset!)
-You scream when your parents say you are going away to a hotel without bbc 3 so you cant watch the last episode confidential
-when you walk into a normal red telephone box and are extremely disapointed that it isnt bigger on the inside than the out, thus bringing you to walk in and out 2 more times, getting the oddest looks from onlookers.

Thats site adress was fab by the way HCShannon Thnx

There is a theory which states that if ever
anybody discovers exactly what the Universe
is for and why it is here, it will instantly
disappear and be replaced by something
even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

- Douglas Adams

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