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I always have really, really strange dreams. I remember this one time I drempt that I was in the middle of this forest full of pine trees, in a clearing. It looked cloudy, but the sky was perfectly blue, and there were soft pink and baby blue palm leaves all over the ground, along with dried up ones. It was a big clearing, too, and there was a white house in the middle of was over by the trees, but in my dream it was still the middle. Anyway, I could see inside the house just by staring at the walls, like xray vision or something, and the furniture started moving around. It was kind of creepy, because it was like the furniture had a mind of it's own and was gliding through the air of it's own free will...Then all the sudden I was in the house, but there was no roof. I was on the second floor, over by the railing of the stairs to go down, and there was a cukoo clock with a little yellow bird popping out of it. It wasn't moving, though, and was staring straight at me. I just stood there and was mezmerized by it. Then there was something about a sunroof and soloar panels, even though there was no ceiling, and I was transported outside the house.
Now it was like I was watching a movie in high definintion. I was still in the clearing, but the house was gone, the piles of colorful palm leaves were larger, and you could see wheat and dried grass. Mowgli from "The Jungle Book" was there, crouching on the palm leaves in his loincloth, with his back trurned to a telephone pole. On top of the telephone pole was a stork, staring and Mowgli with hungry eyes. The stork flew down and started to chase Mowgli around the clearing. Then Mowgli got tired and lay on some palm leaves to rest, thinking he was safe. But the stork came down out of the sky and snapped Mowgli up in it's beak/mouth, which held sharp, pointy teeth that soon became bloody as it chewed Mowgli up and ate him. The last thing I remembered before waking up was that the stork had a black reputation for eating children.

Yeah, I have weird dreams. I'll probably share more later, too. Sorry this account was so long, but I remember a lot of detail in my dreams and wanted to add as much as I could. =)


"And though I'll think of you, I guess,
until the day I die,
I think I miss you less and less,
as every day goes by...."
-Sweeney Todd

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