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If you don't know what this is, it's the name for replying to a long dead thread and bringing it back for no good reason. In the case of a serious discussion, as long as you have something to add it's fine and better than making yet another thread on the subject. If you're bringing back your doll thread after a long hiatus, that's fine too. What isn't is bringing up a dead thread just to post "lol" or a vacuous comment.

Before you reply to something, check the date it was posted and read thru the thread. If the problem was resolved or the thread tailed off, then DON'T REVIVE IT. Especially if the people who posted the thread haven't been here in ages.

Advice threads.

Specific advice threads, usually entitled something like "Emma's advice thread" or "Kelly's dating advice thread" are not allowed on this forum, save in the Teacher's Corner forum (read the stickies) and in Fashion and Beauty. The reason for this is cuz advice threads, in my experience, usually either degenerate into a free fight cuz other users don't agree with what the Original Poster is saying, or they tail off with the OP disappearing and the thread constantly being bumped without any replies to it. So, to keep forums free of clutter and fights, I've decided not to allow them. Any that are posted will be locked.

Posting Twice Or Multiple Threads.

There is no need whatsoever to post a thread more than once, in one forum. Any repeat threads will be deleted. Just be patient; as long as your thread passes the rules, it will be allowed to stay up and sooner or later, people will respond. As far as posting twice goes, there's no need for that, either. Instead of making two posts, one after the other, edit your previous post. To quote a person, just use the quote tags. That's the icon that looks like a speech bubble right at the end. If you post twice, your posts will be merged; repeated offenders will be corrected.

User Titles.

When you post, you will notice that you and the other board users have a title under your name; Bonita, Silent, Shuni, Candybar or Handdrawn. This title will change as you get more posts. Don't, under any circumstances, spam more to increase your postcount and change your title. The posts will be removed and you will receive a warning for spamming. If you continue to spam, you will be dealt with severely.


Please don't have several different names on forums. Pick one name and stick with it. If you want to change your name, and are premi, you can request support to change it. Otherwise, put your old name in your signature so we know who you are. If you wish to use a new account on forums, then your new and old accounts will be merged so that you keep your postcount. Don't post with multiple names on forums; anyone doing this will be first warned, then their other names will be banned.

Warnings From Mods.

Sometimes, depending on the severity of the rule broken, you might get a mod posting a comment on your profile to warn you about rulebreaking or sending you a PM doing the same. Don't ever edit or delete the profile comment or send a rude PM back; that is rudeness and rudeness to a mod can get you banned same as it can as regards other users. Just accept that you did wrong and try to abide by the rules better in future.

Comment warnings may only be deleted by a moderator after two weeks of it being on your profile. You must politely ask the moderator who left it to delete it and they will use their discretion in deciding whether or not you deserve it. Sometimes, a mod may decide not to if your general forum behavior hasn't improved or if you have been harassing them about it. Don't ever take things into your own hands and delete it, it results in an automatic infraction.

Sometimes severe rule breaking and harassment may result in permanent comment warning. This means the comment will never be removed and deleting or editing it will result in a temp ban. You may never ask to have the comment removed.

Personal Information.

Please don't ever post any personal information on forums, whether it's yours or someone elses. Doing so will earn you first a warning and the info deleted; repeated offenses will earn you a ban. Personal information is basically real names, addresses and phone numbers. We want everyone here to feel safe and not have their privacy breached. Anyone with personal info in their profiles will simply have their profile wiped to protect their safety or that of others.

Fake Siblings.

Please don't claim that other members are sisters/brothers when they are clearly not. We do have ways to verify whether two people are posting from the same area, and we are getting fed up with people telling lies and claiming that another person is their sister, usually in a bid to escape the punishment they richly deserve. In future if a person claims to have a sibling on the board and is banned for rulebreaking, their fake sibling will also be banned as we are getting fed up with this.

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