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Default [RP] Murder City - 05-14-2007, 04:18 PM




1. If you want to join, DON'T JUST START POSTING. PM me first. I may not want you to join, and if I refuse you, don't throw a hissy fit. I will delete any posts made by ppl who I have either refused permission to, or by ppl who haven't PMed me/received a PM telling them they may play. If you don't want to play by those rules, then don't play at all.

2. NO MARY SUES. I mean it; no perfect characters. Otherwise, RPs are very boring. Anyone who's character is getting dangerously Sueish will be told by me to modify it.

3. This RP is set in modern times, in the near future, so technology is fine. You can either be a reporter or a member of the police force, or a regular person caught up in the drama. Or maybe even another person with sinister motives. The murderers are played by me so don't make up any more murderers please. Two is quite enough for any RP. XD

4. Please aim to post at least twice a week, if you're going to be gone let me know.

5. Please abide by the RPG Rules stuck to the top. That means no godmoding, poor spelling or spamming.


The city is in a panic. There are at least 2 killers on the loose, hunting its streets. No-one is safe and everyone is desperate to hide away. Nightclubs and dance halls are deserted late at night cuz of the fear.

One killer kills with stealth. This killer leaves his victims on waste ground, with their heads and hands removed. Some of the victims are still unidentified cuz of this habit of the killer.

The other killer doesn't seem to care about being caught. She kills indescriminately, men, women or children. They are all found where they were killed, some with all limbs removed, others decapitated.

The choice is yours. Will you live in fear? Or, search for the killers? How will you, and what will you do when you find them?


Lonnie White crept thru the city. It was dark, with only a quarter moon to pierce the darkness. A girl nearby walked thru an alleyway, glancing nervously at her watch. She knew it was late, knew too about the danger that stalked thru the city at night. But, like many others, she thought that it could never happen to her...

A hand went around her mouth, giving her no chance to scream. She was pulled towards the body of the man holding her, in a grotesque imitation of an embrace. He released his grip only to put his hands about her throat. Her scream of despair was ubruptly cut off.

Later, Lonnie stole out of the alleyway, a bag in his hands. He was making towards the river. In the alley behind him lay the headless and handless body of the girl who's only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time...


A little way away from the scene in the alleyway, a girl sat on a step with her head in her hands. She was only a teenager, younger than the victim of the killer; the only thing that was noticeably different was the 2 strange horns that protruded from her hair; 2 white horns shaped like cat's ears.

A man approached her. "What's a young girl like you doing out here all alone?" he leered at her. The girl looked up, revealing a face with creamy skin and strange red eyes. She said nothing. The man tried to touch her... only, his hand didn't reach the girl. It was torn from his body. "What the...?" The man backed away in horror, seconds before he was decapitated.

The girl stood up, a similar look of horror on her own face. She ran away into the shadows on light feet.

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