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Mina's Journal.
Dear Diary,
today, i went to the first day of Kindergarten. i am 4. i met a Boy today. named Cameron. He Has bright Blue Eyes, and a big smile. He is My new bestest friend.when we met, outside in the playground, i gave him a hug and behind his back, he handed me a flower. Miss.Lilly was Happy that i met a friend. And so was i.Then, He Helded my had and walked me to the park bench. I was afraid that Miss.Lilly would katch us this far away. Then, we sat down, and i looked at my had, still Connected to Cameron's, and Looked up and through his teary eyes. And Slowly and Solemonly, he said the words Mina, I Love you. Then, Withought giving me any time to say anything, he Kissed me. Right in the cheek. Then He Came up from our kiss and Smiled at me. then, the words spat right out of my mouth, I Love you. then, with that, we walked away together. it was time to go back home. i think that i have met my new bestest friend, and also, my true love.
Dear, Diary.
Today, i woke up at 6:am this morning, to do the usual,my chores.Nobody was at home, and i was really bored. So while i was cleaning the pots and pans in the basement, i saw the Dark red Closet. the dark red closet was a place i have always wanted to go into and see what was inside, but it would be too hard to get Past Mother and Father. They Would beat me..more then they usally do.Dad said it was none of my buisness what so ever. So today, since nobody was home, i decided to chance it. So I Laid my broom down, next to the corridors and took a chance. slowly, i eased open the door and it was completly dark. Then, Something Closed the Door behind me...after that, i was already too scared to go any further and turn on the light. But i did.. Shaking and Shivering in my Old Raggety Green Dress, I turned around and Clicked on the light.And there, Right Before me, was a body. Wrapped in white silk, bundled up in all the Puffy coats.Who was it i wondered. So i slowly turned the body around, and unwrapped all of the coats, and there, a knife stuck in his chest, laid my new bestest friend, Cameron.
dear diary.
I cant write much today.
Daddy Found out that i was in the closet and Whipped me really hard. Now, my hands are bruised and my head hurts really badly. he Left now. he said he was out to go get something and then he smirked at me. Im scared. But ma is still home, making sure i dont do anything more suspiciously. but who DID kill Cameron? Just writing this makes me kringe. I mean, I wonder if the body is still there. I wonder if Daddy Killed Cameron. Probably. that fat lard! IM SICK OF MY PARENTS.sometimes, i wish i was NEVER born!! I just want to go to a place thats goOd! my world is so mashed up. Mother usally Beats me but this morning, she left that to father. Today, all she did was call me dirty names and Push Me through my closet. Im not allowed to go to kindergarten today. Dad wont let me go. He Dosent like the idea of me meeting others. I cant wait to die. I think i will try to go back down to that Closet. But..wait. who was the one who closed the door behind me? was it father? or Mother? or Not. Ill find out. I am going down to that closet!!
Ok. Today, I went down to the wouldnt blieve what i saw. I saw a note. while i was walking down the steps, there was a wad of paper next to the stair vents. Then My last tooth fell out. most of them where already gone though because daddy already knocked them out when he punched me. Ow. i can still taste the blood. but then, when i grabbed the scrap of paper, i herd footsteps. Closer and Closer.

i worte that.
no copying please

Getting high only meant swinging on the playground
The worst things boys could do was give you cooties
Wearing Skirts didnt mean you were bad
war was just a card game
Life was carefree
Its silly looking back on all of this and remembering
That all we ever wanted to do was grow up
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