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Default [RPG] Captive Heart {Private RP: Wolf, Sarah and Miranda} - 05-02-2007, 05:04 PM

This RP is set in a completely different world to the one you know. Imagine, instead of the ppl you know so well, a whole different race of humans with different customs to the ones that you're used to. There are 3 different cultures in this RP, you can be one of either one, but there are rules to follow for each one.

The story starts in Philomene, which is ruled by King Vincent IV. He's a stern but powerful ruler; the Philomene ppl are warlike, but there haven't been any wars for a while. That doesn't mean that ppl have gotten complacent tho; they are always ready to fight. Philomene holds an uneasy truce with the country next to them, Vulpe, which is split into different parts, each one ruled by a separate tribe. These tribes however rarely fight among themselves, prefering to settle disputes the peaceful way. However, they are in their way just as warlike as the Philomenes, which is why despite being so close to Philomene, Vulpe remains independant. The Philomenes despise the Vulpines, seeing them as savages. However, their affairs are in turmoil. The rightful ruler of Philomene is actually Vincent's sister Anastasia, who is currently being held in prison. There is an underground movement to free her and restore her to her rightful place on the throne, however all plots must be kept secret as Vincent has spies everywhere.

There are different rules for each race, but also rules as far as the RP goes. They are as follows:

1. No special races. This is a strictly human RP, that means no elves, vampires, or any other race other than human.

2. No magic powers of any description. That means no psychic powers, no fire powers, no water powers, nothing cept for your skill at weaponry.

3. No Mary Sues or Marty Stus. Your character must be rounded, with weaknesses.

4. Stick to the rules I've laid down for each race.

5. No chatspeak and disregard for grammar and spelling.

6. I also reserve the right to throw you out of the RP if I don't want you there.

7. Romance is allowed, as long as you don't go into excruciating detail. Violence is too, again not too much detail.

Rules for the races. These will be dealt with per race, with customs etc explained in detail, along with other information. Please abide by these rules.


The Philomenes have a coming of age ceremony at age 15 where the 3 "Honour Scars" are cut into the right palm. These are 3 parallell cuts, just deep enough to draw blood, standing for Honour, Loyalty and Courage. This goes for both sexes. At their coming of age, Philomenes are presented with a longsword and a shortsword. Before that, they are not permitted to carry weapons.

Philomenes are obsessed with pureness of blood. In the beginning, they outcast anyone who didn't fit the ideal, so this means now that all pureblood Philomenes have black hair, pale white skin that doesn't tan, and violet eyes. Their blood only mixes with Vulpine blood, otherwise the child either resembles the Philomene parent or the other parent; in which case, it is cast out.

Philomenes see horses as equals, so their horses are kept solely for riding and are treated as equal to them. Their beasts of burden are mules, quaggas, donkeys and oxen.

Philomene names tend to be elaborate names, like Victoria or Angelo.


Tellmerines are the slave race; their country is forced to send slaves as tribute to the Philomenes every year. Slaves are 12-15 years old when they're sent to Philomene, and of both sexes. Slaves are not permitted to mount horses, or even to touch them without permission.

Slaves wear collars as identification and have general freedom, in other words they are only shut up at night in slave pens. Tho there are bad owners, many slaves are treated kindly by their owners, tho they are worked hard.

Slaves rarely escape, and if they do, they never remain at large. The penalty for helping a slave is to be fined 2000 gold coins and imprisoned for 1 year; conversely, handing in an escaped slave means a reward of 5000 gold coins so this means that no Philomene is going to choose helping a slave over handing them in. There is also a desert at one end and an ocean at the other, so slaves can't return to their country. Escaped and recaptures slaves are also beaten, then branded with a brand depicting 2 wings with a bar accross them. This lowers their value by 10 times, meaning that they are more likely to have a bad owner.

Slaves can only get out of their sitation two ways; if attractive, they may become Companions, meaning that they become the friend and lover of a Philomene in return for luxurious compartments with no work to do; or, they can be given the chance to become Citizens. They have to have been slaves for 7 years, and have to take a test of citizenship. There are just 2 chances to take this; if they pass, they become honoury Philomenes with all the rights thereof. Failure means back to slavery with no escape.

Tellmerine names are normal names, like Alex or Kate.


Vulpines are sometimes to be seen in Philomene, as they trade furs, leather and meat there. They don't have slaves, and they are seen as savages by the Philomenes. They are in fact civilised, just different. Their country has a severe climate of hot weather in summer and freezing cold weather in winter, with very little spring or autumn. They sometimes mix with Philomenes; Philomenes call the result of such mixes such disparaging names as "Half breed" or "Crossbreed", they also treat them as second class citizens.

Vulpine names are animal names, like Fox or Gazelle, sometimes with a colour or description preceding it.

Start of RP:

Anastasia stared at the walls of her prison. No matter how long she'd been in here, she never ceased to rage helplessly at the injustice of her situation. Robbed of her destiny as Queen of Philomene by her cruel and corrupt twin brother, she was doomed to spend the rest of her life, however short or long it might be, in this dungeon below the castle where her brother spent his time either supposedly ruling the country or, far more likely, indulging his various p*rversions. Anastasia had already heard from the idle gossip of the jailers who attended her rumours of slaves who'd been killed after Vincent had grown bored of them. She had once raged and battered the walls, now she was too accustomed to her imprisonment to do any such thing. She closed her eyes, preparing to sleep, tho whether it was day or night she couldn't tell.


Angel lay slumped against the wall of the slave pen. He ached all over from the beating he'd gotten when he'd been brought in. Just 2 days of freedom had been his; he'd been warned by the older slaves that escape was a foolish thing for him to do, however he'd ached for freedom ever since he'd arrived in Philomene as a slave just a month before. He'd taken the opportunity to escape, however he hadn't been at large for long before a farmer had beaten him senseless and handed him in. The farmer had left, 5000 gold coins the richer, and Angel had been given a beating. But, that wasn't all... Angel shivered as he thought of what awaited him the next day... the horror of the red hot brand laid against his skin, marking him forever.

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