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Okay, here's the one about my life in Gr. 7/8 It's called, My Life In The Nut House (my friend chose it.)

As the two entered the lunch room, Em stopped in mid-step. “Oh please.” She said in exasperation. “They’re freaking stockers.” She said, her eyes resting on Luke. “Let’s just get to our…” she trailed off. Ryan was seated at their usual table as well as a mutual friend, Carrie, a gross classmate named Cody who had a crush on Carrie, a blond girl named Jessica (a friend of Em’s and enemy of Bailey’s) and her friend Clorissa. On the other side was Ryan, Stan, a girl named Shamika and a shorter guy with brown hair that was often seen with her. Neither Em or Bailey knew his name. To their right was Vern, and to his right was Stefan. To his right were two empty spaces; right across from Ryan.
“Have fun.” Teased Em under her breath.
“Shut it.” Snapped Bailey. Forcing a flirtatious smile, she sat directly across from him. “Hey Ryan. What’s up?” she asked.
“The sky.” He said sarcastically.
Em rolled her eyes. “Oh please. What is this, the nineties?”
“No. It’s 2006. I thought of all people, you would know that, Miss Goody-Two-Shoes-Squared-Rapist-In-A-Can.” Stefan said, jumping into the conversation.
“What the sh*t?” Bailey snapped, slapping him. Glancing at the hand she had slapped him with, she wiped it off on her jeans. “Gross.”
“I’m seriously going to have to think about getting a new table.” Em sighed, opening her lunch bag.
“I agree. All in favour of Em finding a new table, raise their hands.” Ryan put in, raising both of his. Stefan, Vern, Stan, Cody, Shamika and her friend raised their hands.
“Yes?” Mrs. Fish said, coming over.
“Oh, uh, nothing.” Said Ryan quickly, jerking his hand back down. Shamika, Cody, Vern, Stefan, Stan and Shamika’s friend did the same.
Em rolled her eyes again. “Did you see anybody raise their hands, Bailey? Because I could have sworn a bunch of losers did, but you know, they don’t count for anything.”
“Lame come-back.” Ryan said, nodding his head in mock approval.
Em made a rude gesture, and opened a bag of carrots. “Did you bring a magazine? I think I would feel much better if I had a picture of Orlando Bloom to melt over.”
It was Bailey’s turn to roll her eyes. “Please. You do know that there’s no way you’ll ever marry him.”
“A girl can have her dreams.” Em shot back.
Bailey shrugged, biting into her cheese pizza. She glanced at Ryan, who was staring at her. She lowered the pizza. “What?”
Ryan blinked. “Oh. Nothing.”
Em choked back a laugh.
Bailey glared.
Em glanced away, a smile on her lips. She kept eating, her eyes fixed intently on her carrots.
“Are you going to eat that?” Ryan asked, gesturing to Em’s pizza.
“Uh, yeah. Not like you need the fat anyway.” She retorted.
Ryan laughed in spite of himself. “And you think you need it more than I do?”
Em kicked him. “Shut your face, you retard.”
“Ouch. That hurt.”
“Next time I’ll make sure it does more than hurt.” She threatened icily.
“You really hate me, don’t you?”
“When’d you figure that out?” she shot back.
“Touché.” He said.
“I can see I’m wasting my breath.”
“Then why are you still talking?”
Em kicked him again, and ate her pizza quickly before he had the chance to swipe a slice.
“That was mean of you.” Bailey pointed out, glancing down the table. Everyone else was in their own conversations.
“I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true.” Em said.
The lights went off in the lunch room.
“It’s the hallway Nazi.” Em hissed, glancing at the principal.
“Who’s from the nineties now?” hissed Ryan.
Em made a face and turned her eyes back to the principal, who, she thought, was in need of a major makeover. Now, she was definitely living in the nineties.
“You will now be dismissed,” Mrs. Oh said, “this table can go.” She pointed to their table.
Bailey stood. She had been finished for at least ten minutes.
Emiline pulled her down swiftly. Bailey sat on the benches that were connected to the large cafeteria tables. “I’m not done.” She motioned to her last bit of pizza crust.
Bailey stood. “Well, I think they’ll let you consume that on our way out. You’ll be done by then. It only takes five seconds to eat some pizza.”
“For you, maybe.” Em stated, nodding her head in Luke and Ryan’s direction. “I have my juice, too.”
Bailey realized that this wasn’t about just chomping down food. “Oh, come off it. They won’t bite. They’re just guys.” Bailey gazed at Em, who was very slowly eating her crust. “If anyone bites, it’s us.”
“Yeah, I know, but I don’t want to do this.” Em said with a sigh.
“Come on…you know our deal.”
Em looked around the once crowded cafeteria. The only people left were two grade eights, and one other grade seven on the other side of the “seven’s” side. “Fine. But, just to let you know, if something wrong happens, like I end up marrying him, you are so dead.” Em stared at Bailey persistently.
She laughed. “Yeah, I get the point. Now let’s go.”
Stuffing the last of her pizza in her mouth, she stood and followed Bailey. She groaned as she saw Luke and Ryan in the hallway.

That's only the beginning.... MWAH HA HA. (I cut out the very first bit, btw)

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