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The party had finaly begun. Davey stood alone, looking in every direction. She was p..issed.Obviously Jess wouldn't give Jordan back. And now Ayane was off having s.ex with a guy when she wasn't. How come SHE wasn't with a guy at the moment? She spotted a hot guy. Worth a try!
Davey walked up to the hot guy. "Hey sex.y," She said, winking one eye. He gave her a funky look. She put her arms around him. "You wanna do a lil' somethin' somethin'?" She said, in her se.xiest voice.
"Uhm," He said, looking next to him. A blonde girl with a curvy figure walked up to him.
Ooc: New character!
Name: Jenna Variasti
Looks: Blonde, straight hair, blue eyes, curvy figure. Tan complexion and large b.reasts. Never leaves home without loads of eyeliner and mascara.
Personality:Rude, bizzitchy attitude.

Jenna shoved Davey's arms away and put hers around the guy. She put one leg up on him, and frenched him, making sure Davey could see the tongue a little. She did it as slu.tty as she could and she went away with the guy.

Davey was even more p.issed. Someone tapped on her shoulder. She turned around, and a guy stood in front of her.
"Hey se.xy," He said.
She smirked. She cupped his face and practically cleaned out his mouth with her tongue, and then said, "Wanna get nak..ed somewhere?" She said.
He siad, "Let's go have s.e.x now," and they walked off.
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