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Default 09-24-2006, 03:26 PM

Woman in White: A tragic ghost found all over. This woman’s husband cheated on her. This knowledge drove her mad, resulting in a temporary loss of sanity. She kills her children. When she realises what has happens, she kills herself.

Demon: An entity from Hell, in their own form they are simply a black cloud. The sign of a possessed person is the all-black eyes that appear when you speak the name of God in Latin, “Christo” and holy water in very painful. To exorcise, use the Ritual Romanum.

Vampire: Vampire folklore is crap. Crosses don’t hurt, neither does holy water. You can only kill by beheading, and they do sleep during the day. But they will wake up. If you get Dead Man's blood into them, it weakens them.

Telekinetics: Well, no point posting about this. XD

Ghosts: Souls of folks that died horrifically or have a reason to return from the grave to warn of other malicious spirits. To 'lay' a ghost, you must salt and burn the bones.

Wendigo: A creature fabled to be made of ice. This creature is made when a starved person eats human flesh, giving them special powers. They are amazing hunters; able to mimic human voices. Silver hurts them as does fire. The messiest way to kill one is to chop of its head with a silver axe after shattering its icy heart.

Mirrors/Portraits, Salt, candles: It is believed that when a person dies, their spirit can enter mirrors. Because of this, in Ireland mirrors and pictures. are covered after death, and to and portraits ward off the Devil candles are put around the body. Salt keeps away demons and spirit.

Shapeshifter: These are born so mutated… But with gifts. They can change into someone else. The change is horrific, involving them ripping away the old body to expose the new. Leaving behind a pool of really sick gunk. XP

Deava: Invisible spirit people, very strong. All you can see are their shadows.

Reapers: Like the Grim Reaper, they wear suits though. You can only see them if they come after you.

Ghost cars: If a person dies in their car, their spirit can become infused with the car. Maybe because of the mirrors?

Tulpa: A being made purely by beleif. A symbol is needed to create it.

Sthriga: A witch like creaturem, it s*ck life-force from children. Think Harry Potter Dementors.

And… DONE! I think.

"Without heroes we are all plain people and don't know how far we can go."

-Bernard Malamud
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