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Default 07-02-2006, 10:21 AM

A black wolf nosed through the garbage, pawing at it slightly, and growled in disappointment when it found nothing. It padded away, its nails clicking on the pavement, and it sat on its haunches outside a bar, watching people go in and out.

One man stopped and kneeled next to the wolf, holding a chicken wing out to it, and it took it, laying down and eating it. A gunshot sounded, and it darted away, food still in its mouth. The man fell over, the gunshot wound in his head bleeding profusely. The hunter's keen eyes glared at the wolf as it rounded a corner and disappeared, and his lips curled into a frown. I'll get it, one day... I swear it.

The wolf stopped under a large tree, one of the last trees standing, and it curled up under the roots, the gunshot wound in its leg bleeding. Its oddly ocean blue eyes closed, and it seemingly fell asleep.

To the humans that started appearing, a young girl with black hair and blue eyes was sleeping under where the wolf was, her clothes a tight, black leather two-piece outfit. Her shirt was torn at the shoulders, and an cross-shaped scar marred the other-wise flawless skin of her abdomen. Her pants were low on her hips, but not too low. A blade hung loosely at her side. She had multiple ear piercings, most studs or hoops, and her lower lip's right corner was pierced. Her eyebrow was pierced as well, with a silver hoop with a small sphere that looked like blue marble on it.

The bullet wound healed almost instantly, and when one of the younger kids - a boy named Tak - knocked on the bark, she slid out and stood up, brushing dirt off her arms.

"What's the news?"

"We can't steal from the trains anymore, Tsuki. It's too dangerous; you know that last night's raid made us half the number we used to be," said one of the men, the goggles above his eyes glinting in the sunlight.

"We're moving out tomorrow night, to another city, so what's the complaints for?" Her glare made the man talking flinch and fall silent. "I thought so. Tonight's a last raid; we're going to get the lab."

There was silence.

"Get ready. Tak, you're with me on this. Goggle-" That was the goggle-wearing man's nickname was. "-you're on backup."

Tak gulped audibly. Goggle sighed in relief.

That night, the raid went wrong. The pipes Tsuki and Tak ran across were too rusty, and Tak slipped. He dropped the box, and grabbed one of the smaller pipes, which broke and hung loosely. Tsuki dropped the loot she'd grabbed and kneeled down to grab him, despite the bullets that were trying to rain on them, and couldn't reach him. Gritting her teeth, she shifted slightly to her wolf form and reached down.

Tak screamed, and she let go of him in shock. Somehow, she'd grabbed him with her teeth... Her wolf's form teeth. Tak accidentally let go of the pipe- and fell over fifty stories.

Visibly shaken, Tsuki ran along the pipes, and she didn't even stop at the rendevous point. She kept going until she found her hideout.

It was an old, broken stone house, but it served a good place to think in silence. She sat in one corner, staring at her hands, then looking at the shattered mirror. Somehow, her teeth were sharper. She forced her human shape back, and her teeth were normal again.

She sighed, and curled up. That was the first time someone had died because of her...

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
But the way that you see me, you get underneath me, and all my defenses just fall away, fall away.
I am beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me. I am beautiful with you;
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be!

You're here with me: Just show me this and I'll believe I am beautiful with you!
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